Thursday, April 26, 2012


So today/yesterday (It all melds together for me...) was rough.

Bub woke up screaming at 2am, I helped him get back to sleep, then I couldn't sleep, and Zbug got up around 4 w/ a monster poop.  But at least she didn't decide to strip and smear.  I call that a good night.  I only think she does that because she has seen Bub do it.  She so loves to imitate all the behaviors I'd rather she didn't.

then while finishing up the morning getting ready to go to school routine, I get a call from my family, and end up driving my nieces and Bub to school so my Sister-in-law can get Joe's brother to the hospital.

Then I went to the hospital to give my family some support and encouragement.

then I made dinner for my MIL and nieces so my sister-in-law wouldn't have to worry about the mundane things in life and focus on her husband...who is stable currently.

I crashed around 5pm, and woke up around midnight.  Bub is awake.  I gave him his Ipad and I hope it will lull him to sleep the same way it lulls me to sleep (When I can pry it from his sleeping fingers...)

At some point I took Z out in the backyard to play, which she loved, and gave her a popsicle afterwards.  She knew something was up today because I kept leaving and coming back, and she didn't get to go to the healthy hideaway.

I'm kind of still reeling from all this.  My brother-in-law is the oldest one in Joe's extended family, and he's only 2 years younger than my sister, and my sister already has a major medical diagnosis.  Joe and I are only 2 years younger than him.  I keep thinking: when did we all start getting old enough to have these things happen?  I still have a hard time believing I'm really 38.  that in some ways still seems like an imaginary number that will never really happen.

So now I'm up, doing the housework I had planned on doing during the day.  I have a staff meeting before my shift starts today and somehow I need to get a few more sleep hours before that starts.


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