Monday, December 05, 2011

Little frog in my kitchen window.

There is a little frog that lives on the outside of my kitchen window.  He's been living there for about 2 weeks.  Every morning I go check to make sure he didn't die of "cold" (it's TX- it's not REALLY cold....) because I really don't want to scrape froggy corpse off my window before breakfast.  But he's just sitting there, suctioned to some section of my kitchen window.  He likes it there cuz we leave a lite on in the kitchen all night, so the bugs visit, and he gets free meals w/ no work.  He's a smart little froggie.

A few days ago, Joe and Bub were outside in the back yard burning leaves.  I tapped on the window (from inside) and pointed out the froggy to Bub.  He came over, wasn't sure what the froggy was, so he touched it, realized it was a frog, got scared and ran away.  Joe was watching this, thought it was funny, got the frog off the window and tried to get Bub to hold it.  Bub wasn't having any of that.  He is deeply afraid of all reptiles, amphibians, and birds.  I have no idea why. He loves mammals, we have yet to meet a marsupial.., but anyhow, he's afraid of the froggy, and runs away.  Joe puts the froggy back on the window (very relieved froggy, I'm sure...).  And then what does he do?  he pretends he has a frog in his cupped hands and chases Bub around the yard.


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