Wednesday, December 14, 2011

froggie in my window -II

My froggie came back today.  He disappeared a few days ago when we hit a low temp of 30-some degrees.  I was afraid he died and fell off the window as a frozen froggie popsicle that some wandering local fauna found and enjoyed as a late fall treat...but he must have burrowed into the mud that was created by the 3-days of rain right before the cold snap and had a mini-hibernation.

Now it is "warm" again (60's) and he has emerged to climb up to my kitchen window and let me look at his belly stuck to the glass.

I like this froggie...I hope I can get a camera to snap a picture of him before he disappears again.  Joe hints at it since my birthday is only a few days away...but I'm not holding my breath.  And even if I do get a new camera, I'm sure Bub will be plotting it's demise as soon as he lays eyes on it.  lol

Going bed, having some kind of allergic reaction to I have no idea what, and the benadryl x2 is starting to make me all loopy.


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