Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm sure the girl named "Ryan" wished she could bomb me over the phone....

Currently on hold with an online pharmacy that I found that has affordable meds for Bub while we wait for our new insurance to begin in January.  I placed the order on 11/4/11.  On 11/10/11 I was told I should have it yesterday.  I don't.  I know to expect mixups and delays the 1st time using a new service...but come on.  Today is the last day I have his current meds.  I really don't want him to miss a dose.

The website says its being processed...but what does that mean?  that it will be shipped in another week?  It is madness.  All because Bub's med is not a highly used drug, and it's indications for use are limited and must be monitored w/ blood tests and such.  puff.


What is really frustrating me right now is that this chick (she said her name was "Ryan", and I responded w/ "really?"  and she got pissed at me...lol) said the payment that I posted on 11/4 for this order didn't go thru until yesterday (11/14), however my bank statement says it cleared on 11/8???  something is not adding up here.  I called back to get an explanation from the manager/supervisor since "Ryan" was prolly lying to me w/ my mocking surprise of her "name", or to be charitable she was reading me a line of crappola that her upity-up told her to spew out at disgruntled part-time housewives like me (having been in middle management at telemarketing companies, I know this to be true since I used to be the manager coaching my employees to read crappola to customers when I knew it was a pile of crappola...which is why I am no longer in telemarketing...but I digress...) so anyhow, I call back, spend 20+ min on permahold, get thru, ask to talk to a supervisor, am told  I will be transfered to said supervisor and then am put on a nameless voicemail...prolly where they put the disgruntled part-time housewives that are barely refraining from swearing and usage of other creative conversational devices.  or maybe this guy had creative listening and thought I said "put me to a nameless voicemail box please"  maybe...I am told I have a MN accent....dontcha know.... puff.

(much later)

I tried to call back again...was again on permahold.  got tired of it and had to give up because I really needed to make dinner for my poor family who had been putting up w/ my dramatic sighs over this all day, plus had to get ready to take Bub to his horseback riding therapy (the only one we can afford right now), and be ready to drive immediately to my PRN job once I dropped him off at home.  so it was busy.  Now that I am home from my 1/2 shift, I logged on to the pharmacy site to see if there has been any change to the status.  SURPRISE.  nothing changed.  sent an offline "instant message" requesting enlightenment and a conversation w/ a supervisor to discuss "Ryan"s snippy attitude with me earlier, because as the day continued, I became more convinced it wasn't me, and I had been VERY patient with her and did not swear once at her...although I did do the record-player technique until I am sure she wished she could bomb me over the phone.

And so, sometime on Wednesday I will try to find a conclusion to this abysmal state of affairs.  meanwhile, I filled yet another week of the risperidone ODT for Bub for the "low low" price of  $70.00.  Yayee for me. Yayee for expensive not popularly used drugs that jack up the price.  puff.

Nubs to all anyway

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  1. It is Thursday, 11/17. It finally shipped. I still have not gotten the callback from a supervisor I have been promised by 2 different people yet. *surprise*



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