Friday, August 05, 2011

medieval solutions to autism, lol

Yes, Joe and I are sometimes.... weird.
In the past we have experimented with weighted therapy for Bub, w/ fair to middling success.  ie- he likes it for a while then refuses to co-operate.  We've done a weighted vest (I've made 2 of them so far), ankle weights, wrist weights, pressure vests, weighted blankets, and weighted toys.  all initially a success, then the novelty wears off, and he loses interest, and the therapeutic results fade.  Pretty frustrating to me, as I am the one MAKING these things for Bub, and researching where I can buy them...and they aren't cheap, even when you make it yourself.

well, Joe is always lurking around trying to find new hobbies to do while the kids are too small to go back to work (being a stay at home dad and all).  a few weeks back, he remembered a friend that used to make chain-mail (we've been wracking our memories and have concluded this friend was named "Rick"...and that's all we remember from 14 years ago...sorry Rick...we suck).  And as Joe has a passion for all things Renaissance Faire, he decided to try making chain mail.  Bub was immediately interested in what Daddy was doing. Bub really likes the coiled wire before Joe cuts them into the rings that get linked together.  Bub even likes to help join the rings together and make a simple chain.

But what was fanstastic was that Bub started putting the chain mail on his body and began to calm down.  and then fell the middle of the afternoon!!!!  Bub does not nap unless he is sick with a fever and vomiting down my shirt sick. A chain mail blanket is soothing to him, and for the past 3 weeks, Bub has been taking his chain mail blanket to bed with him and falling asleep within 10 min of turning his own lights off.  I am speechless every night this happens, and it's been happening every night.

Even during his time-outs, if I put the chain mail on his legs, he will sit still in time-out until I tell him it's over, and won't even fuss.   I am shocked speechless by this  (well, it's just an expression).

close up

sleeping Bub, life is good  :)
I think all the weighted stuff we tried in the past were not heavy enough.  I would only get up to 5-10% of his body weight as all the authorities on the subject would recommend.  I think this chain mail is at least 15-20% of his body weight, and it seems to be working, and continuing to capture his attention beyond the novelity phase.
Joe is making another one, I think it's going to be for school.  we'll see.


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