Friday, April 01, 2011

yes, I am not joking

I love April 1st.  I am not an April fool's day kinda person tho, bc I do not excel at ANY kind of practical jokes, they usually got me beat up by my brother when I was a kid, or I ended up making my Mom/sister cry...and just for you that do not know my mom, brother or sister....making my Mom and/or sister cry is just BAD BAD BAD (just trust me on this)...and my brother is a giant (6'7"ish) and even when I WAS bigger than him (I'm 18 months older) he's always had a mean left hook which my lower lip found out numerous times...(I have always been a weenie)  But I don't blame him at all, before he knew any better I used to dress him up in a Cinderella dress and call him "Rosie" and make him play Barbies w/ me all the time.

So I love April 1st b/c of other reasons.  usually it was pretty much spring by then in the upper mid-west and I love spring.  I love seeing the trees bud, and the crocuses and tulips peek out of the snow (something I don't get here in TX)  I especially loved the apple blossoms and lilac blooming...TX pear trees and wisteria are close southern approximates, but don't quite cut it.  (Ok, I'm starting to get homesick, boo)

But April 1st is my favorite and my best bc I married my Joe on April 1st.  and it was completely an appropriate day for it.  I did get several responses to my RSVP asking me if I was for real.  yes, I know me and Joe are not "typical" and we tend to be a little out there at times...but I wouldn't go thru the time and expense of printing, addressing and mailing 200+ invitations...I am not so devious or elaborate.  It was a wonderful wedding, and a beautiful day, and although I have been told it was reminiscent of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (still haven't watched it), the reception was fun even if my DJ started to make fun of the Ukrainian wedding music my uncle brought for us to play for a bit.  We got to share a wonderful day w/ so many people we love.

Now 11 years & 2 kids later...our energy level is kaput today.  Grandma graciously offered to babysit the kiddo's overnite so we have the house to ourselves.  We had dinner at our fav Asian Restaurant here in town (Lotus Inn) and stopped to get some wine.  Ran into a friend from Nursing School, and after many hugs got home.  guess what we are doing now?!?  Typical activities you would expect on an anniversary when the kiddos are absent???  NO...we suck!  Joe's playing WOW and I'm sitting here blogging about how pathetic we are!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA 
This is why I love my hubby- cuz even when we are serious or just being ourselves, I end up laughing my head off at us.  That's why April 1st is such a perfect day!


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