Sunday, April 03, 2011

results of Bub's ARD

So, Bub finally had his ARD on Friday, April 1st.  Originally it was scheduled for the Wednesday before, but we rescheduled b/c our meeting time was 9:45am, and no one had come out to tell us anything by 10:30am, and I was scheduled to work that night and I had been up since noon the day before.  I was TIRED!  I needed SOME sleep so I could competently take care of my kiddo's at work that night.  as it was I only got about 4 hours, and the nurse I relieved gave me a hard time about looking like the cat dragged me in...but I digress.  Joe was pretty upset about the meeting being held up, but I knew something had happened, that they were having a dispute and had to resolve it before the meeting could end...and I was right.

Anyhow, it went really well.  Bub has made improvements, not as much as I hoped for, but enough to be very happy with.  Next year Bub will be in a classroom of 7-12 y/o's and will spend at least 1 hr a day w/ a kindergarten class where he will also be with kids from the Deaf Education program and their ASL interpreter!  Also, the time he will spend in the Kindergarten class will be MATH!  Bub loves numbers and counting.

It was a very good meeting, and I am so looking forward to Mr. Man's next school year  :)


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