Saturday, April 02, 2011

old posting on FB, but I still crack myself up!!!

"Chibila the helpful dragon" has stress incontinence! I cannot watch that NickJr Storytime toon w/o laughing my fool head off!
I love the lines, "Sometimes, when Chibila gets hurt....FIRE COMES OUT!"!!! LOLOLOLOL
"Sometimes, when Chibila sneezes, FIRE COMES OUT!!!" & "Sometimes, when Chibila thinks something is funny, FIRE COMES OUT!!!"

TOTAL description of stress incontinence...(just change fire to pee)...are they going to start popping in Teena and Depends commercials next on NickJr? Is this to help the moms suffering from LBL r/t their episiotomy to feel ok about themselves? WHAT is going on here??!?!?!

Joe has heard me spout on this every time they show this toon, and he rolls his eyes at me like I am a crazy woman....maybe I am, but this is just TOO dang funny to me!!!! LOLOLOLOL

View here under "Chibila"

Chibila the very helpful dragon

*deep breath*
Ok, I'm better now.
*steps off soap box, pays $0.01*

1 comment:

  1. I found a link that works! check out the "incontinent" dragon! BAHAHAHAH



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