Monday, April 18, 2011

Last Friday

Well, last Friday started as a normal day.  I got home from work, retrieved the babbling Zber so Joe could sleep a little longer before the get to school routine started.  Then Z was in such a good mood (after the diaper change) I decided to let HER wake up the bub.  I don't often do that since Bub is very protective of his room, but I thought it would be cute.  So Z tackles Bub in bed and he's giggling about it, and gets up to get to the fridge to make himself a choco-silk and I notice my poor boy is covered in HIVES!!!!

What the????   It's all over his arms, legs and back, and around his right eye!  It was all red and puffy and itchy looking.  So of course the Nurse takes over, gets his temp, makes sure he's not having any resp distress and that his throat isn't swelling up (not an easy task to get him to open his mouth so I can look when he'd rather play w/ my penlight which is lighting up his throat).  His vitals are fine, so I go retrieve the benedryl, which is the ONLY medication he will take without me having to hide it in soda. call Joe to watch Zber and toss him in a baking soda bath.  (I know oatmeal would have been good, but with his skin like that, I'm not chancing any gluten cross-contamination).  poor guy.  the hives stayed with him until Saturday night and we were dosing him w/ benedryl every 4 hours.  Needless to say, he did NOT go to school on Friday (crap, I just remembered I forgot to send a note to school w/ him today...)  I wish I would have taken pictures of it, I did think of it, but I decided not to put Bub thru that indignity, poor lamb.

So after Bub is semi-comfortable and Baby Einstein is playing, Joe and I go to his room to try to figure out what did that to him.  I know it wasn't a food infraction, b/c the behaviors weren't there, plus we know what we feed him, and for the timing of that reaction it had to have happen at home and not at school.  The only thing we could figure out was that maybe there were flea eggs in the carpet from the last tenants who DID have a dog (we found lots of dog hair when we did the initial pre-move-in scrub) and now that it's spring they hatched and jumped on Bub.  He has some scabbing, but it looks more like scratch scabs than bite scabs.  I know when Shada was a puppy and she got fleas, I reacted the same way to them before I got the apartment flea-bombed and Shada on Frontline.

So Joe calls our wonderful Landlord and gets permission to rip out the carpet and put in linoleum.  yayee!  we had to wait till today to get it tho, (finances...) and we got a great deal from Philips Flooring on Judson.  Here are some before and after shots.  :)

No carpet
 (We still don't know what that green stuff is....)

 Pretty  ookie, huh?

Here's the laminate we chose, its a full piece

 Begin the installation!

 Go Joe Go!

 Of course Zbear has to explore too!

Yayee!  Finite! 

We are thinking we are going to paint his room a yellowy-orange, but we need to get permission first.  Also, we are going to retrieve the bunk-bed from Grandma's house and bolt them to the wall so Bub will have a safe climbing environment and his bed off the floor.  we had to remove his bed-frame because he was taking the mattress off and using the bedframe as a ladder to the ceiling fan...not a fun thing to walk into and discover....  we also want to remove the ceiling fan and put in a flat ceiling light, and since Grandpa is a licensed electrician, we shouldn't have any problem with that, woo hoo!


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