Monday, April 11, 2011

huff puff

So again, I choose to see positive...thru gritted teeth....and clenched fists...and internal kicking and screaming that comes out as a nod and smile.

Bub having a poop incident & pouring mouthwash all over the carpet equals:  "HEY, we don't have to buy special carpet cleaner to get Bub's room minty fresh!"

My computer not working equals:  "HEY, I have more time to spend keeping my house clean and doing things w/ my family...maybe I can do more gardening and knitting too"

Ok, only two bad things happened today...that's not so bad really...and Joe graciously informed me that I may use his computer and *implied* that he would limit his WOW time so I can get on the PC too.

I'm just sad, cuz I usually have to induce sleep via spider solitaire on my PC, and now it's gone...I'm going to have to go thru a few more boxes to find an OLD cell phone that had a game that used to put me to sleep before I switched to spider sol.  

and if nothing else, if it's too pricey to fix the laptop (prolly will be), Joe knows how to remove the hard drive so we can capture all my docs and pictures and stuff from the recently deceased PC.  so I'm not too upset...kinda.

Joe and I are talking about getting some kind of linoleum for Bub's room.  It won't stop the poop incidents, but it would make clean up a lot easier.  We have to start by finding the right kind (no surface textures) and pricings, and make SURE we get permission from our landlord before we start.  I pressed that point REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to Joe, cuz he gets all excited about a project and jumps right in sometimes...When we bought our first a/c wall unit, Joe cut out a hole in the wall that was bigger than the unit....yeah.  At least we OWNED that place.   and then, there was the time he tried to install my pot rack with out checking for studs first in a rental apartment...we didn't get that security deposit back...

well, I have 1 more day off before my next 3 day rotation and I intend to be happy in it...even if it is thru gritted teeth, clenched fists, and w/ internal kicking and screaming.  Nod and smile is what I do best.  lol


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