Thursday, April 28, 2011

holiday confessions

I have a sad little known fact about me.  I am not a holiday person.  I really don't like going to all the fuss of making holiday dishes, decorations, events because of a day on the calendar.  If I want to make something, I'll make it regardless of the time of year.  However Easter is the exception.  I do enjoy Easter and the prep work.  I don't do the easter bunny, but I do Easter eggs.  small children preclude the use of fake grass.
Typically, if I am doing holiday stuff, it's for someone else I care about to whom it is important.  If I was still single and living on my own...holidays would not be part of my reality. 

the real secret is:  (I'm so terrible)...I really like it that Bub is unaware of most holidays and Zbear is too young to be learned in the art of holiday expectations so I can get out of doing holiday crap (mostly).  bahahaha!  I am so bad.

So w/ the exception of Easter, and Christmas once in a while if I'm especially missing my Mom, I avoid the fuss of holidays and I intend to keep it that way as long as Zbear lets me.   I give it another year if I'm lucky, as Grandma is a BIG holiday person and is usually the one who gives me the proverbial "kick in the pants" to be a good momma and teach her kids holiday traditions by instilling the expectations to my kiddos.  Which is fine, I just like to laugh at myself.  (yes she reads this)  :)  

Thus explains my effort of Babka, and we did do easter eggs with Grandma, but Bub recently discovered that he can see pictures and short videos of himself and Zbear on my camera and has taken to sneaking off with it to do his own private viewing, and hiding of said camera.  Therefore, my camera was hidden by Bub during the egg coloring.  Grandma took pictures but I haven't gotten any yet.  (hint)  *winks*

The coloring was sad.  the dye wouldn't stay on the eggs so they looked all mottled and mangy, Zbear kept trying to drink the dye and eat the egg, shell and all, and ended up pouring orange dye on her purple outfit.
mottled eggs at Easter Dinner on Saturday since I worked on Sunday and had to sleep after church

Teaching Zbear the traditional egg cracking game

Bub only peals and smooshes the eggs, he won't eat them if not scrambled

Zbear in her Easter dress my Mom made her

Why are you snapping my picture momma?

Upright view of the cuteness

Love the thumb-sucking  :)

It was a nice Easter, our church did our Easter cantata in which I was a participant and it went very nicely.  I got home, sugared up the kids and took a nap so Joe had to deal w/ sugar-freak kids  (hahahahahahahah).  Then I went to work (boo) and had a rough night.  unfortunately I can't talk about it...I'm glad HIPPA exists to protect patients, but it sucks that I can't vent about stuff.  It's like I'm a spy...I have vital info that can't be shared...Nurse007.  lol.

Christ is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!


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