Wednesday, April 20, 2011

extreme couponing

Extreme couponing is on the TV right now, and half my attention is listening to it.  and I far is this from hoarding?  Some of these people are getting things in such excess they will never use it.  Some of them donate it to charities...and that is awesome, but others catalog it, organize it, and hold on to it.  Is it that they are organized about it that keeps them from being a hoarder?  where is the line? 

I have an incredible friend that does couponing, she tried to teach me how to do it, but I don't have the time or energy to put into organizing and planning (and I hate shopping) to make it as awesome as she does it.  she gives a lot of it away.  I don't consider what she does as hoarding...but some of these women on this show seem to cross the line. 

Maybe that's why I tend to shy away from massive couponing...I'm afraid I'll cross the line....  I use coupons and typically save anywhere from $15-50 on a shopping trip, but I've seen her get paid for over $300 worth of products.  theoretically, I'd like to do that...but WHERE would I keep all of it?!?

The show just ended, "Hoarding" just started.  Joe dived for the remote and changed the channel before I got sucked into the sickness of that show.  I get really upset watching that show, and Joe, Bless him tries to keep me away from the sick fascination I have for looking at trauma photos.  (at least those are cool and I can try to guess what kind of treatments, med, procedures could happen for that injury...)


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  1. I've thought the same thing at times about Extreme Couponing being very close to hoarding....I am trying to do better at saving by couponing but I refuse to buy 83 bottles of mustard just because it costs next to nothing. THen the E. C.'ers still have to take it all home and find room for it....Lotta work. 40-60 hours a week is a huge commitment to get those deals. Plus up here stores don't double and triple coupons like they do in the south. (At least not in small town USA!!) Renae



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