Monday, August 25, 2008

one midnight gone!

real quick cuz I am tired and already feeling brain-fried.

1st day was good. I'm glad I have pharmacology in the am CUZ the room is SUPER hot in the afternoons!
I have a quiz tomorrow.....on 2 chapters.
I know the 1st chapter really well, but my brain began to fuzz out on me during the 2nd one, still I got all but 3 of the review questions done with very minimal double checking. I left 3 undone for tomorrow b/c I'm not sure where in the chapter I will find the info & I am too tired OF it to do it now,...

Love you all!
PS- Bub had a GREAT day..

quote from his teacher

"He stayed in his assigned area and did not need to be removed from group at all"

Flippin' beautiful! Seriously! :)


1 comment:

  1. Guess what...that quiz...I studied the wrong chapters....

    Thankfully, I am a quick read and was able to skim the right chapters fast enough to do fairly well!




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