Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last day of freedom...for the next 16 mo. anyhow..

On the eve of starting Nursing school, I'm actually feeling pretty relaxed & ready to go to bed. (It's about 11:15pm)
I am going to be getting up at 5am tomorrow...not for me however, for BUB.

As always, no one in the school system is able to let me know bub's bus route # nor what time the bus will come. As I missed the bus on the 1st day of ESY, bub and I will be in the front room waiting for the bus no later than 6am. I'm excited because bub and I will be able to watch PBS mr. rogers! "It's such a good feeling to know you're's such a happy feeling (sing with me) you're growing inside...."


Joe has the day off in case of any Bub emergencies on the 1st day of school. So I am not stressing out for once. (can you believe it?)

I have all my laundry washed and put away (except 1 load currently in the dryer), bub's room has been cleaned and reorganized. Bub's breakfast, Lunch and snack are all packed & in the fridge, his backpack is ready...

I think I shall go off to bed now..... love to all!!!

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