Monday, December 11, 2006

So sad...I missed it.

This was the album of my youth. I have had this sucker memorized since I was 4. I am making mr. man listen to it =ALL= the time. We dance to the "Brothers & Sisters song". I sing the "when I grow up" Song and cry by the end of it. I am constantly letting Hubby & Bub know what kind of "Help" they are really providing. (see thankgiving post)

It was on TV land at 10 am on Sunday. We forgot to set up a tape before we left for Church.
I have only seen the movie once in my life. That was in 3rd grade @ Dayton's Bluff. Everyone thought it was too baby-ish & made fun of it. I was so sad. I had to pretend not to like it too.
And now, when I have come to the point of my life where I embrace my inner nerd, (HELLO...I refer to myself as "muppet-head"...anyone have any doubts??????) I missed my chance to see it.

To make matters worse, they had "That Girl" on all day, and I got sucked into it a bit b/c I was hoping they would do a repeat, but I was thwarted.

On the plus side, Jeff Dunham was on Comedy central.
I still love peanut! "Nnnneyying" For those of you who really read this...I met him!!! at the state fair YEARS ago. Really brief. I don't think he was very big then. I think this was when I was in HS, bc I think I remember Laurie was with me....
THEN a few years later, Tina bought me tickets to see him at the Guthrie, before it became glitzy. that was when she was my friend.

****sad reflection time***
I sometimes miss Tina. Ross will call me stupid & flick my nose, but she could be a really wonderful friend at times. I tried talking with her a few years ago & we had NOTHING to say to each other. we were both trying, but we were at such different places in our lives & too many things had been said over the years, or not said enough.

I digress.
must dash, it is sleepy time. Glad my parents made it safe to CA! :)
Love to all!

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