Thursday, June 01, 2017

Zbug is trying bargaining as a method of "sneaking" her way out of her chores.

She does not realize Momma has a long history of craftiness and successful sneakiness as a child and thereby is easily able to thwart her feeble rationalizations.

Momma continues to outwit the Bug's lack of logical progression.

ME:  Who makes you food every day?  Who washes your clothes and makes sure you have toys to play with?"

ZBUG:  . . . you . . . .

ME:  So I do a lot for you, huh?

ZBUG:  . . . yes . . .

ME:  So, do you think maybe you should reconsider not helping me when I ask you to help me?

ZBUG:  . . . what I really mean is, I will help you now . . . .   *picks up toys and candy wrappers*

We have this conversation at least once every other day.  I know her little mind is grasping for a alternate argument where the outcome results in her successful non-compliance, yet once more she has failed to outwit the Momma...


Foiled again...

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