Sunday, May 21, 2017

I miss my blogging time.  I read or listened to (not sure which) a story about a mom-blogger that was having a dilemma with blogging about her life which included how she deals with her kids and details about her kids, and how to protect/ensure her children's privacy as they were growing up.

She didn't really reveal what conclusion she made, which I felt was a pretty crappy way to end a story.  My conclusion is: I'm not sure either.  That's why her conclusion was crappy!

So I'm going to continue as I have, I don't think anyone I know really reads this anymore since I have been so negligent in posting.

School is about to end for my little muck-mucks.  Bub has missed the last 3 weeks of school r/t an unknown illness.  We are waiting on lab results, but since he was put on Flagyl ("just in case") he has improved.  So I'm thinking my little guy picked up a parasite at some point since Feb.  March is when he started having trouble.  He has lost 18lbs since Feb.

...I don't think I will have to worry about his PCP telling me that Bub is overweight and counseling me on preventing early teen/adult onset diabetes for a while...  *yeah, my mind goes there*

This past year, the Zbug has been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.  The momma-muppet had been pushing the school district and her MD specialist all year, so now the ZBug is getting appropriate therapies, interventions, and medications.  She has a 501 plan.  She went from being 3 reading levels behind in October to being 2 levels ABOVE standard for her grade/age.

So although I am FAR from an expert, I now have experience with IDEA and 501s- which are VERY different programs that cover very different types of children.

You know, and this is just me.  I am very grateful there are ANY kinds of programs for kids with learning and/or development disabilities.  I get really frustrated at my fellow parents that bitch and moan about how there aren't enough programs, and how the programs don't cover everything.

I keep hearing my step-grandmother over and over in my head, in her strong Ukie accent: "You think life is easy?  It's not easy, it's Hard!"

I know most of my family did not like her, but I really appreciate the honesty she had for a 16 yr old idealistic-idiot.  I try REALLY hard to replicate that kind of honesty with my kids.  They will not thank me for it until MUCH later in life.  If I am lucky, I will still have my marbles.


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