Wednesday, December 09, 2015

How to write a damn "S"

Today I took my Zbug to her ballet class.  She fell down on her elbow.  Not sure how.  Then we had some shopping to do, my mistake was to take her to Books A Million.  She isn't reading well yet, BUT she likes books....and she discovered they carry Shop-kins.  And DarthVader, she is not entirely sure who he is, but she likes how he looks scary.

Anyway, we had to buy some stuff for Christmas cookies.  Last year I made the mistake of making Christmas cookies for my unit party.  They will not let me make anything else now.  While shopping we talked about family and Christmas, and I let Bug know her cousin-K broke her ankle (?) yesterday.  Bug was heartbroken and I suggested she makes her cousin a card.  Z is very into making cards right now, Grandma-Minnesota's birthday was last week and we made a card, so while I am making cookies she breaks into my stamp and ink collection from pre-child existence:


I helped her spell the inside message:

So here is my issue of the day.  I have much less patience with Zbug's learning curve than I do with Bub's.  I don't know why.  It really makes me sad. I try really REALLY hard to not let Zbug feel she is put second to Bub because of his autism, and lately our management of Bub's behavior with medications and behavioral reinforcements has really been good.  It's been well over 6 months since his last major meltdown, he's using the bathroom as it is INTENDED to be used, and once we switched brands of toilet paper, he has not been flooding the toilet, he's been great, and trying to verbalize more since he got his communication assistance device (CAD).  But I watch Bug make a "S" backwards and my blood-pressure goes up.  I show her again, telling her it's like a "c" on top of a backwards "c".  she makes a "3"  and giggles. 
Then she asks me questions she knows what the answer is.  And she tells me "it's too hard to do all by myself" in reference to picking up ONE piece of trash. 
And then she tells me I'm "Blue-tiful"  and "i love you too much to not miss you when you are at work"  and she does her little ballerina walk.  and I breathe, and show her how to write a damn "s" one more time.

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