Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Prolly the suckiest Christmas break for my kids.

It really started in late October.  Zbug got sick at a pep-rally.  She got her picture in the paper (ok- it was tiny and in the corner...but you can see color...I saved it...)

It turned into atypical pneumonia.  She gave it to me.  We got better...sorta.  then she got another bug right before Christmas, gave it to her grandmother, cousin and aunt.  then she started to get better and somehow gave it to her brother.  Then she got sickly again and gave it to me and Joe.

Joe has a sore throat and is losing his voice.

I have a sore throat, and I think I perforated my right eardrum.  Depending who is at work tomorrow, I'm going to have one of my friends look at it.  Lol, nurses, the ultimate health DIY-ers.

As a result, since we got home from Joe's parents...we have done nothing.  Joe and I take turns being in bed half-asleep.  the kids are going stir crazy.

I had visions of playing with Bub's croquet set in the backyard every day, reading books with the kids and going to the science museum.

Instead, I managed to clean the kitchen and vacuum yesterday.  that was our excitement of the day, being chased by the vacuum cleaner.

Today, Zbug put a bunch of purple lego squares in a shopkins basket and told me it was her baby bee sleeping.

...  no words...

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