Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Early Christmas

Got back from Joe's parents today.  I actually unpacked and did laundry.

Usually that takes about 2 weeks to do.  yeah, I typically suck at that, but am trying to improve.

I work 12hr shifts the next four days, that's why we had early Christmas on Sunday.  I try to like holidays, but I don't like most of them.  I do them for the sake of others around me...and because it is not socially acceptable to not do holiday stuff.  I am kinda glad my job makes me work most holidays.  Then I can not do things and people feel bad for me, instead of wondering why I'm *insert bad word of choice*

My kids love Christmas.  I do it.
This is one of the few pictures I found with me smiling in them.  PFFFT!

I actually got out some Christmas cards this year.  Joe thinks the last time I got them in dropped off in a post box was 2009.  I think he is right.

So Bub gained A LOT of weight when we moved here 2.5 years ago and for the past year we have been modifying his special diet in an effort to maintain his current weight- NOT to necessarily loose weight.  but he did end up losing about 10lbs.  and he grew.  however, we were still slated to go to a weight management clinic for children in Little Rock last week.  *puff*

They didn't have anything new for me to do...well, they told me to lay off the eggs for Bub b/c his cholesterol is a high normal.  I think I have read research that now indicates cholesterol from eggs as a dietary source of cholesterol does not increase cholesterol levels.  I will find my friend Donny at work in the next few weeks.  He is a dietitian and very helpful, but he works days, and I am now- it seems- permanently fixed on nite shift.  When he leaves his daily crossword in the break room after his shift, I find it and finish for him....and leave it in his box with a smiley.  :) I also get great gardening advice from him.  I sometime end up staying late after my shift to finish charting, so one of these days our paths will cross again.
Digression- yeah, the MD, Pediatric Nurse, and Pediatric Dietitian had nothing of real substance for me.  Bub overall was well mannered, the Nurse didn't think I'd be able to get Bub to participate on some of the equipment they used for testing BMI etc.  Momma can get bub to taste foods that touch- Momma can get Bub to co-operate when I really need him to.  We're still going to go back in June, bc I do want to see if we are making progress.

They do want him to be more active, his muscle mass percentage is low.  Bub has this thing see....he cocoons himself under his blankets and watches one show on his TV and another show on his Ipad.
Since he is still very much entranced by Alice in Wonderland(non-Disney/non-Depp) I got him a croquet set for Christmas.  I will introduce it by watching the croquet scene, then going outside and having him help me set it up.

I am not sure if I will attempt to teach him the rules right away, part of me just wants him to want to play...the other part knows, however he first plays, will then be the only way he plays.  I better teach him the rules straight up.  Zbug is very rules oriented right now, (even if she doesn't want them applied to her)  She will most likely help me re-enforce how to play with the Bub.

And so it goes.

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