Thursday, December 17, 2015

creepy Darth Vader did not captivate after all

Sometimes I don't even realize it still hits me.  I find myself just going off about Bub's autism to people I hardly know?  WHO DOES THIS?  (other than me) 

I'm just sitting in Zbug's ballet class, and there is another mom there and a grandmother, and I don't even know how, but I'm talking about Bub and autism.  again.  discussing his diagnosis, discussing how it impacts Zbug, how it impacts our family, how we can't find a babysitter, on and on.  Thank God Patty called us in for the kiddo's party and I stopped.  WTH?  I don't do that anymore.

Maybe I'm just raw right now.

After several attempts, me n Zbug snuggled down to watch Star Wars today. She had seen a poster of Darth Vader at the grocery store and wanted to know who "that creepy guy" was.  We agreed to watch the movie together in case it was too scary for her (her idea).  We didn't even get to the part where they rescue Leia.  She kept bouncing around in the bed, asking questions that had nothing to do with the movie...basically driving me nuts.

Here's the thing with me and movies.  If I actually sit down and watch a movie...don't talk.  leave me alone to be mesmerized by the story.  Bug is very much like her grandmother, if the movie doesn't instantly captivate her, (like "Adventures in LaLa Loopsey Land")  she will bounce around and talk to you.  Even though I have watched star wars many many many times, it was still really annoying how she was bouncing all over me.  I had fallen asleep and her bouncing woke me up= crabby.
So we switched to watching classic Electric Company on youtube.  She fell asleep.  I fell asleep for an hour and woke up for no reason.  I do like that she likes watching classic Electric Company with me.   We sing the cheesy songs about word sounds and punctuation.  She likes the "I wish I didn't have to wash" song.  She now knows "SH" makes a shushing sound.  :)

Fell asleep for another hour about an hour ago, and again, woke up for no reason.

Bub is up, he got out of bed about a half hour ago bringing me the Ipad and saying "paaaad, deaaaaaad?"  I told him to go back to bed, he heard me get up and came out to investigate.  He is now downstairs playing lego break-y break-y.  (he says that while breaking his creations).  eventually I will have to make him go back to bed. But right now, I don't want that fight yet.

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