Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sept 18, 2004

8 years ago, I was trying to sleep and not think about how I couldn't eat or drink anything.  Also savoring the last few kicks I would feel from the inside, knowing that all future kicks would be from the outside, and not very pleasant.  (I was right).

Love you Bub.  Happy Birthday.

Since I work on his birthday, we took him out to dinner Monday, to a chinese buffet, bc he LOVES picking out his own food himself.

I can't believe how well he does at it now.  I don't have to worry (as much) about him running off, grabbing food w/ his hands, or having a melt-down in public anymore (well- VERY rarely).  It helps that we go to these kinds of places around 4pm, and the only people there besides ourselves are some elderly people (really).  He of course chose chicken nuggets, french fries, fried shrimp, and jello.  I tried to interest him in some fruit, but that was a no go.  I don't really blame him, the fruit looked terrible, but I felt I had to do my "mom duty" and at least try to get him to eat something vaguely healthy.  lol  Also offered corn, and he pushed the spoon away and actually said "no".  How can I force him to eat it after he actually verbalized?

He behaved very well, did not play w/ the window blinds, or try to pour out all the salt on the table (the typical offenses).  His little sister however was awfully naughty during dinner, but then again, what 2 y/o can resist being naughty in public when there is such an audience to perform for?

My mom sent a birthday package that was waiting for us once we got home.  I let Bub open it all by himself, and he really liked what he found inside.  Zbug liked her unbirthday presents as well.  Before we had left for dinner, I had Bub get on the phone to my parents and "count" to ten for them.  So it was an early "thank you" call. 

Still planning a little party for him at the end of the month.  trying to come up w/ ideas.  I'm planning on sending some home-made gfcf "kettle corn" pop-corn to school as a treat for the class.  Bub is still cf, and his favorite friend is gf, so I guess I am destined to keep up the gf skills as well.  :) 


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