Friday, May 25, 2012

class party

I actually made it to one of Bub's class events this year...the very last event.  end of the year party.  I attempted to make some peanutbutter ricecrispy treats, but I thought they were pretty oogy, so at the last min, (after my 45min nap after a 12hr shift) I cut up a bunch of fruit and we whisked off to his school.  only 2 other parents showed upin the classroom-I thought that was kinda sad, but the kids loved fruit salad.  I shoulda done my wiggles songs collection for them.  lol.
Zbug was rather intimidated by all the "big kids" and hid behind Bub for awhile, well, until Bub decided he didn't want his kid-sister hanging on him.  Zbug got the hint and found a teenee tiny chair in the corner to sit in, and then found a rocking chair..rocking chairs are endless sources of amusement I gather....

His teacher got big baked potatoes from a local deli for all the kids which was a GREAT idea since there are very few people in the entire world who have a potato allergy.  lol. apparently Bub loved his w/ just always.

Bub will be going to school next week as a voluntary thing.  Here in smalltown ETX the last week of school is optional for kids who are doing fine or didn't miss too much school during the year, Joe decided Bub should get that last week in, I had an aside w/ his teacher to make sure it was ok.

Anyhow.  it's been a better few days, Bub has been controlling his temper better, plus he got over his tummy bug on Monday, so maybe that was the core problem...

who knows with the mind of bub.  After dinner when Z was in bed, me and bub played "" on the PC, he knows how to use a mouse now.  yayee!


PS- Bub and Z didn't think the pb treats were oogy...they devoured the whole tray while I was asleep this afternoon.

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