Monday, January 02, 2012

new year, and signs of empathy?

Happy New Year.  Sorry December posts lagged a bit.  Was dealing w/ 2 kiddo's that kept passing their tummy and resp. illnesses to each other and to me and Joe.  Plus working. Plus the everyday challenges of life w/ a toddler and a special needs Bub.  But Bub has been doing really well.  He's writing his alphabet correctly and independently, and his name, and number up to at least 30.  He very fascinated w/ writing right now.  It's very rewarding to see this as a parent.

Then there was yesterday morning.  Joe had an ingrown hair on his neck that was starting to look ookie.  I finally convinced him to let me "fix" it so it wouldn't get all infected and gruesome.  So I'm going at this w/ a tissue and tweezers (sterilized....)  and Bub comes in the room and sees me performing this "operation" on Joe and got really upset and tried to push me away from his daddy. If he was talking I'm sure he would have said, "Mommy, STOP hurting Daddy!  You're making him bleed!!!!"  We both tried to tell Bub that I wasn't hurting Daddy and that I was trying to make his boo boo better, but he ran off to his room very disturbed.  After I finished, I went and got 2 bandaids and asked Bub if he wanted to put a bandaid on Daddy's boo boo.  He did!  He put it on very carefully, and then decided he needed one too.  and the once Daddy was better w/ a bandaid, he completely cheered up.

It was really touching to see that he was worried about Joe, and wanted to help him.  Yayee for my Bub.  :)

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