Monday, September 12, 2011

autism vs neurotypical: Zbear

Last night Zbear was up late bc she didn't get a nap until 2pm D/T church and lunch afterwards.  So I had the rare chance of play w/ just her after Bub went to bed bc he had school in the morning.

What was so wonderful for me is that she understands typical "baby" games.  she had a bath and after I finished drying and dressing her we played tug of war with the towel and chase.  Bub never got those kinds of games until he was much older, like 4 years old, and after much patient teaching, over and over and over.  Bub does get games, but it takes a long long time to get the concept thru to his reality, and communicate the give and take of a game, and the understanding the necessity of taking turns.  Z seems to understand this intuitively.

I know this sounds silly to most other moms, but I never saw this before her.  Bub was so atypical that even tho I read about it in my human development classes, psych classes, and Pediatric Nursing classes, it was my reality and I couldn't really imagine what normal development would look like as a reality.

Later on, we played with a truck, where I would push it to her and she would push it back to me.  Bub still struggles with this game.  He'll capture the truck/ball, maybe push it again, but not to me, off into a corner instead as if to say, "you play the game wrong momma". 

But Zber and I played and played.  Her little laugh brought a lot of sunshine into my heart yesterday.  I thank God for both my kiddos and their strengths and weaknesses.

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