Tuesday, July 05, 2011


No, I'm not in a lock-up unit (tho there are those who would argue that I should be....)

I committed to accepting Gunk (Baby) as a new member of our household.  Zbear will love him (she met him once) and Bub will freak out for a while, then I believe he will get used to him.  Joe will love having a black cat in our house.  (Joe gets into that kinda thing...have I mentioned that before?)

I think we may give the kitty a new "nickname" (Sir prowley pounce is what I would call him when he would pounce on me at work)  But I know I'll always revert to "Bay-bee" the way his Daddy used to always call him.
*I'm getting kinda sniffly now*  I still miss him.  It will be nice to know that I'm giving his cat a really good home with lots of love.  He talked to be about it and asked me if I would consider it before he passed.  When he died, I knew everyone making those decisions was overwhelmed, and I didn't want to add another problem/issue to their already full plate.  But I am mainly excited, with a little trepidation (for Bub's sake) about this little guy coming home to us.  :)

On a side note, I got home to Bub's mini-trampoline out in the car-port and all his toys sitting out in the kitchen.  I think Bub and Joe had some serious "issues" last nite.  I think Joe won and Bub is going to be on the crabby side of life today.  Glad I'm going to be sleeping thru the worst of it.  BAHAHAHAHAHAH!  (I'm terrible) 


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