Tuesday, July 26, 2011

at least I buy the washable kind, non-toxic and all.....

This is what happens at our house when Bub forgets to put his markers away....

looks like she got "smudged" by a vulcan at the winter carnival...

Zbear-never grow a beard...it's not you...

washie washie

She's not really liking the mouth being washed out....

"am I clean yet?"

all pretty again!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

oops & more on parenting austim

I have woefully neglected my blogging.  sorries.

I'm half heartedly watching "The Proposal" w/ Sandra Bullock and Betty White.  So I'm sitting there on my couch watching this, and we get to the scene where Andrew is having a heart to heart with his dad by the shore. they are "arguing" about Andrew's choice of direction of life, which is not what his father wanted him to do...his father wanted him to continue his legacy.  Even in this short scene it is obvious that this was the father's life dream for his son.  And, being a 20-something post gen-X stereotypical man, Andrew was upset that his father couldn't understand his life choices or maybe that his father didn't want to accept his life choices.

and I immediately realized, I no longer identify with the Andrew character.  This is kind of shocking to me.  I was identifying with the father.  my next thought was something to the effect, "you know, I'm actually really glad I won't ever have that conversation w/ Bub, even if we are blessed enough to ever have that kind of conversation this side of heaven, because I gave up all those kind of dreams for him when I got his diagnosis of autism"

then I started crying.  It's not that I don't have dreams and hopes for him, it's that I realized it's not reality to think I'll ever get him to be a soprano in an all boys choir...or that he'll  be some big professional of his choosing.  or anything that most parents think and wish for their kids.  My dream is just to help him be the best he can be, and that Joe and I have the wisdom AND patience to help him achieve what he wants to achieve.

Bub lost his 3rd tooth- AND I actually found it!  A first for us!
See how weird I am?  I take a normal blah scene from a B-movie and turn it into a metacrisis of identity of myself.  I think bedtime is in order with a dose of benedryl.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

more of the world from Bub, and a monkey salad bowl

Bub has been doing really well on Risperidone.  Tomorrow will be a week on it.  next Thursday I need to call his Doctor and report on how he's doing.  Peeing in the potty has improved...pooping...not so much yet.  He has been VERBALIZING!!!  Grandma caught him on tape saying "Big!" as he built a lego tower that was taller than he was.  -I- heard him say "big" while he was building a plastic easter-egg tower yesterday...and he almost never verbalizes around me...lil stinker...  lol

I met with his school nurse on Tuesday to update her on his new med and side effects to look for (most rare yet possible- neuroleptic malignant syndrome)  she never heard of either the drug or the side effects.  REALLY?  not remember NMS?  I remember VERY well Ms Wyszynski going over that in Med Surg III.  telling us how to "snatch that patient from the grip of death"  as NMS is pretty fatal if you don't identify and address it very quickly.  Bub's Dr and I talked for a great while about how frequent that side effect had manifested in her years of practice (very VERY little).  I told the school nurse that if he shows symptoms of NMS call 911.  She said they don't like doing that w/o calling the parents first.   !!!!???!!???!  call me, I'll call 911 and meet him at the hospital!  Seriously...if you had a kid go into a diabetic coma (likely in a school setting at some point), you would call the parents before you dialed 911?  I have grave concerns about this nurse and her desire to protect her license....

I was going thru the pictures on my camera and noticed some pictures I didn't take, and aren't in the style or nature of pictures Joe would take..(Joe takes pictures when I hand him the camera and say, "Just take a picture of me and the kids already!!!!!")  And Bub has been understanding the camera, and loves to turn it on while making his "elaborations" to watch the progress on screen, like he's on TV or something.  :)  it's cute.  But I think he actually took some pictures while he was viewing his progress.  I need to buy him a cheap $20 digital camera soon, so he won't keep stealing my pricey one!  lol

I took this picture of his geo-work  by the driveway

Self-portrait taken by Bub...how about them nostrils?  hee!

Rolly-balls!  Bub LOVES his rolly-balls!  Unfortunately, Zbear does too...

More rolly-balls!

And a while back...I posted about Zbear pulling out the Monkey wood salad bowl my parents got us.  I found the shot.  Click HERE for that post.

Monkey girl in monkey bowl!

Nubs to you all!  Good night!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


No, I'm not in a lock-up unit (tho there are those who would argue that I should be....)

I committed to accepting Gunk (Baby) as a new member of our household.  Zbear will love him (she met him once) and Bub will freak out for a while, then I believe he will get used to him.  Joe will love having a black cat in our house.  (Joe gets into that kinda thing...have I mentioned that before?)

I think we may give the kitty a new "nickname" (Sir prowley pounce is what I would call him when he would pounce on me at work)  But I know I'll always revert to "Bay-bee" the way his Daddy used to always call him.
*I'm getting kinda sniffly now*  I still miss him.  It will be nice to know that I'm giving his cat a really good home with lots of love.  He talked to be about it and asked me if I would consider it before he passed.  When he died, I knew everyone making those decisions was overwhelmed, and I didn't want to add another problem/issue to their already full plate.  But I am mainly excited, with a little trepidation (for Bub's sake) about this little guy coming home to us.  :)

On a side note, I got home to Bub's mini-trampoline out in the car-port and all his toys sitting out in the kitchen.  I think Bub and Joe had some serious "issues" last nite.  I think Joe won and Bub is going to be on the crabby side of life today.  Glad I'm going to be sleeping thru the worst of it.  BAHAHAHAHAHAH!  (I'm terrible) 


Saturday, July 02, 2011

meds for Bub continues

Like I said, we have a script for Risperidone for Bub, but we can't fill it yet (well, we could, but I can't I/D it) until after he gets his baseline labs drawn.  I'm a little frustrated with this currently.  After his appt on the 21st, I got super sicky and was not functional until that Friday after 5pm...so of course, Joe didn't call Bub's pediatrician (since that is the mommy/nurse job) *roll eyes*. So on Monday I called to ask whether we wanted to draw blood for Bub in the office while an unspecified number of us pinned him to the floor...or if they wanted to send us to a lab that has access to all sorts of wonderful restraining devices.  The RN I talked to (who I went to school with) sd she'd have to ask the MD.  ok, I figured that.

So it's Friday, again...and no one has called to let me know what the deal is.  So I call, start the story over again, am told I have to bring the script in before anything can be done.  ????
I already got the specialist's report in the mail...that means my reg Pediatrician did too.  In MY copy of the report it was stated that Bub needed a liver profile and FBS baseline b4 starting Risperdol...what more do you need to call me back to get things going?!?  I am seriously wanting to join in w/ Bub on the banging the head on the wall thing....maybe we can bang on each other's heads for a while....  SO I dropped off the script 1/2 hour before they close for the holiday weekend.  which means I prolly won't get Bub's labs drawn until the week of the 11th.  I'm a little flustrated about all this.  well a lot frustrated.  but I guess I will deal, what else can be done?

Me and Zbear played outside for a good while today before it got hot and before her nap (love that she still naps).  She insisted on eating dirt...twice.  apparently momma is not to be believed when momma sez dirt is nasty and ooky for the mouth.  maybe zber is convinced it's free chocolate waiting for whoever grabs it first?  well, that's what she acted like.



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