Wednesday, June 29, 2011

time to kick my own butt

I just finished 4 crappy days of work.  and I'm tired of crappy days of work.  I need to spend the next 4 days (I'm off work)  creating a bubble of happiness around me, so when I go back, stupid people and their comments won't touch me, piss me off, and reflect back to them.  I think I will budget some well deserved time and cash to get a really good haircut, some new cosmetics (cuz I'm almost out of everything)..
**aside thought**
why is it that I always put off stuff for me?  I have no problem getting stuff for Joe and the munchkins, but I rarely will get stuff for me.  Is this a "mom" thing, or is this kinda neurotic?
***end aside thought**

Joe sz he's going to make me sleep all day and night so I can finally beat this cold I've been pushing thru for the past 2 weeks.  I don't really believe he will let me sleep if Bub is having one of "THOSE" days when he gets home from school...or if Zbear decides to be in a mood.

Z was saying "I" a lot yesterday, especially when she was doing stuff, or found something interesting to play with.  We are still focusing on reading several times a day with her and turning the TV off more, but the words are few.  I am hearing "up" a little more frequently, and she still prefers to say "dada" over "momma"  grrrr.

but if she sees me, I'm the one she launches into 9 out of 10 times  lol

and I mean she really launches into me.  she's going to knock me over one of these times.

attack of the tackling Zbear!


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