Friday, June 03, 2011

sing along with the nerd mom!

one of my nerd habits I've acquired from my mom is making up silly songs for my kid's with their name.

I am truly a super-nerd to admit this to anyone but Joe, but sadly it is true.

Here's Zbear's...sorry I'm not actually using her name...those that know her will figure out where to put it *winks*

(To the tune of Davy Crockett)

Z---, Z-------, I love my little Z,
Z---, Z-------, I love my little Z!
I love my Z--- yes it's true,
I love my Bubber and my Joe-joe too!
I love my Z--- and it's plain to see,
I love Z-------, and my Zbear loves me!
Z---, Z-------, I love my little Z!
I know it's blurry...sue me.

(To the tune of We love you Conrade)

I love you -----, oh yes I do!
I love you -----, it's true
When you're not with me, I'm blue!
Oh Bubber I love you!!!!
I like the "bad" shots...

No Joe doesn't have a "song".  if he did, he would be pretty upset w/ me for publishing it.  lol

We did "argue" about the name of the actual song for Z's song...I maintain it's Davy Crockett...Joe seems to think it's the theme song for Bonanza.  (I've never actually watched that the one w/ the original "Major Adama" and "Pa Ingles" aka Michael Landon?)
after this "tiff" Joe started laughing about the time I told him of how I first met Lisa, but I don't know if she remembers meeting me that night...I was kinda faded in the background (as choice).  I think THAT was the theme of "Rawhide"  lol!  So we laughed about that and then started remembering vague and obscure things from our personal history since '98.    I feel old now.

I love/envy how my friends Lisa, Shane, Angela, and Kim seem to never go anywhere without making a new friend. (I was one of them...obviously)  (lol)  I'm just too shy.


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