Thursday, June 23, 2011

sick on a day off :(

Don't you just hate that?  I have the worst stuffy nose that zyrtec & benedryl can't touch, plus I'm all achey and tired, and a temp over 100F  I just don't have energy for this.  Joe is being a trooper tho, trying to let me rest and not get frustrated w/ me.  I love him for that.  Zber is not so patient.

We had some "excitement" yesterday.  I came in from outside in the afternoon and forgot to lock the door.  about 20 min later Bub tries the door, figures out it's open and made a great escape.  I was on the couch behind the packnplay barrier we have set up to keep Zber out of the kitchen when Bub is doing elaborations in there, I'm hurdling this crib (barefoot), Joe who is behind the PC barrier is hurdling the trunk, Zber is hooting all excited.  I get out the door, and Bub is halfway down the driveway heading for the street.  That is the scary bit.  Our road has a 20 mph limit, but because we live in kinda nowhere off a couple of main country roads, NO ONE obeys that speed limit.  And Bub is heading for the road.  I'm barefoot getting my soles tore up on the rocks halfway to Bub as he is almost at the street, I'm screaming "Stop!  Sign Stop Bub!!!"  (cuz he is more likely to do a thing if he signs it), meanwhile, Joe in his cowboyboots passes me and grabs Bub just as Bub reaches the street, turns around and starts laughing hysterically.  Glad he sees something funny in this, cuz I just want to cry.

Needless to say, Bub was disciplined which lead to an hour of Bub protesting w/ loud screams and bangings of the wall with limbs and toys.  after he calmed down, Joe took him to Lowe's to look around.  Going to Lowe's is one of Bub's favorite trips.

As for his appt w/ his pediatric behavoralist, Bub now has a script for risperidol.  we spent a good 20min talking about side-effects and necessary blood work for this med.  Sometime today, I need to call his regular pediatrician and set up an appt to get a fasting blood test for Bub.  I am NOT looking forward to that at all.  Last time we had to draw blood on Bub, he was 3 and he was so freaked out and non-compliant we had to put him in a papoose restraint, and STILL have 2 more people help to keep him totally still.  I have a feeling I will be referred to the local hospital's lab to ensure the draw goes smoothly.  He will have to have blood tests every 6months once he starts this.  yea me.  But, if it helps him, I will do it.

Zber is now napping after breakfast and a "Ba-ba" (bottle), I will prolly join her soon, and try to fight off this virus.  I need to beat it by Saturday.  I am scheduled another 4day rotation.  I REALLY hope I get a different section this time around.


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