Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hot june afternoon

The kids were pretty antsy this afternoon, dispite my shopping and bringing home of nice treats we haven't had for over a week.  So I fed the lot and went outside a& cleaned out the wading pool to see if that would take the edge off them.  Z had a super time.  loved splashing and pouring water and getting in and out of the pool by herself.  Bub?  I don't get it.  he will immerse himself in the tub, but all he did was step in the pool, look uncomfortable and run out again to sit on the swing.

He came back a few times to dump water on Z, but got upset when Daddy declared "fair play" and dumped water on him.  Bub doesn't like people dumping water on him.  this is why shampoo day is so traumatic. 

well, Zbear is exhausted and asleep in her crib, Bub is having a cool-down time in his room before Daddy goes to turn off his lights for bed.  Tomorrow is appt day and school.  I'm tired already.


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