Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Dad...

It's my Dad's birthday today.  (and my friend Deejee), tomorrow is my Brother's birthday, and Lisa's (yayee), then Joe's parent's anniversary is Monday.  I have to keep these things in my mind.  I am very bad at remembering to send cards.  I used to be better, but then I didn't have kids, autism, a real household (as opposed to a basic apartment and dog), and everything else that has become my everyday of existence.  To me it's everyday, but I get a lot of wide-eye stares when I end up describing my everyday life to friends....

Anyhow, Dad is 71.  I am in shock that I have parents that old.  Even tho I saw them last month, I really miss them.  I miss how seemingly easy going their lifestyle can be...I don't WANT that lifestyle, (I don't even see how that could ever be possible for us...)  I just miss seeing THEM enjoying it, and enjoying it with them for a few hours.  I really didn't get that this last visit, everything was crisis-point and tense.  and I used all my vacation time I had accumulated to be there when they needed us, so it will be a good while before we will get an opportunity to visit as a family.  boo.

Anyhow, I called and talked to them for a bit this morning, after Joe took himself and the kids to his parents.  He has to help his Dad move some things around.  Plus, the cousins are visiting too, so Bub and Zbear will get some kiddo attention.  Likely- Cousin K will be all over Zber tho.  lol.  That's ok, Bub has his own routine of what he does at Grandma's and sometimes doesn't want the attention of others in his quasi-naughtiness.  He doesn't bring on his FULL naughtiness to Grandma's house, but just enough to keep everyone on their toes.  *grin & nod*

Joe is talking about a new project of "installing" a table-shelf system to keep the PC stuff on since Zber is no longer daunted by the trunk and chair barrier that had been keeping her out the the computer area...Plus  (he always has a plus) it will be an area for Bub to do his Ipad, which has not been purchased yet, and is most likely going to be a birthday present or a christmas present...depending on a couple of factors.

Trunk and couch ineffective

going off to modify a cake recipe for the bub.  happy baking to me.


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