Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have now found a name for it: Coprogenics.  Let me tell you, it is one of the most frustrating things Bub has ever done, and prolly will ever do.   I've been reading a lot about it.  I think Bub is doing the poop-thing for attention.

So I'm kicking myself in the butt and spending extra time with Bub today.  So far no poop at all...which worries me that it will happen just before he falls asleep.  We had issues w/ the A/C today, so I even camped out with him for a while, but he wouldn't sleep bc he was too afraid Joe and Grampa would disturb his elaboration he set up in the living room- where the A/C unit is located.

After a very unsuccessful trip to the potty, Bub is back in bed w/ his newly animated annee-ooh (batteries added).  So I hope he will go to sleep easily and not have an incident, and listen to the songs on annee-ooh, esp the 20 little leapfrog song which seems to be his favorite.  But he also likes the uppercase alphabet song.  I haven't heard either song, I think he is still upset even tho all the toys from the elaboration are now in his room.

I tell you.  parenting him can be hard.


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