Thursday, June 09, 2011


I may multiple post today.  I'm killing time waiting to leave for Z's rescheduled x2 Dr. appt.  I forgot where we are on my vaccine schedule.  I think we have one more polio to do, then I think we'll start HIB.  maybe.  I'm sure I'll get the required vaccine lecture....yayee for the CDC.

Today is also the funeral, part of me wants to skip it, but I know I'll just hate myself if I do that.  then after that I have to get serious about cleaning my kitchen, cooking at least 3 or 4 dinners for Joe and the kids during my next rotation, and make sure I have clean scrubs.  clean scrubs are -kinda- important....

at least I can wear my jeans tomorrow.  yayee for casual Fridays.  would rather have, "stay home & we'll pay you for no reason Friday".  but that's not going to happen.


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