Monday, June 13, 2011

1st day ESY

Bub had his first day of ESY today (Extended school year).  Until the bus picked him up (around 745) we STILL didn't know what campus he would be at.  And now that I know the name of the campus, I can't remember which one it is, so I have to go look it up online before Thursday when I have to take him there after speech therapy.  I think I know which one it is...but I mix them up.  he's been to so many of the campuses already since he was 3.  poor Bub.  I don't get it, these kids have issues with change, and there are only 2 campuses that have this special ed program, but instead of keeping the kids at one of the two campuses, they ship out summer school to any different number of them.  Nice work giving the kids a sense of continuity. Sorry, just a bit bitter about this.  Bub didn't want to go to sleep tonite and it gave me and esp Joe a headache.  and it's hot.  and I hate hot.  maybe we do need to venture a bit more north one of these years..


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