Sunday, May 15, 2011

New plan

Today we actually did a family activity together.  I'm really impressed since it started as a suggestion from me that was answered by a "we'll see" which then launched an argument that culminated into me getting really mad and going to bed to take an angry nap.

Angry naps are not very restful....just saying.

after I woke up, I was still mildly angry, but was surprised because Joe was all ready to go for a walk down the long trail in town.  ok.  this is good.

Bub started off by running down the path while I was trying to get Z in her stroller, Joe took off to catch him.  Bub spent the first 5 min of the walk running up ahead (followed closely by Joe) and then running back to me...until he came to the 1st bridge over a creek.  He sees the creek and freaks out and runs past me.  Joe will never catch up to him, so I quickly lock Z's stroller and shout to joe to get her and I take off after Bub.  It has been a LOOOONG time since I could sprint...but sprinted I did.

*begin side-story*
See, Bub has a deeply rooted fear of creeks that started a few months ago.  We were at the Butcher Shop restaurant w/ the grandparents, and it was more crowded than usual, so Bub was overstimulated and acting out.  Joe took him outside to wait for the rest of us to finish...on the side of the restaurant is a creek.  Apparently Joe thought it would be funny to joke around with Bub and tell him he was going to toss him in the creek.  Funny how that moment was an autism moment when Bub took Joe literally....funny, funny, funny.  So Bub is now terrified of creeks and is certain that Joe is going to throw him into the creek and must run away Monty Python style. 
*end side-story*

So Momma convinces her Bub that NO ONE is going to toss him in the creek and asks him if wants to be a "Big Boy" and help momma push Zbear's stroller.  Once again happiness prevails.  We walked until we got to a playground and then let the kiddo's play on the slides and explore.  they loved it.  I forgot to bring my camera.  I suck.

After the play break, I was afraid Bub may not want to walk back to the car, being shagged out and all.  But no, he was all for pushing the stroller.  Joe and I had determined not to say anything about the creek as we passed it, but Bub noticed it and jumped up on me until we passed it by.  I guess he figures if he's on Momma, Daddy won't DARE toss both of us in the creek.  wow.

It was such a fun walk we are planning to do it again, hopefully every afternoon after Bub gets home from school on the days I don't work.  I hope we stick to that plan.  :)


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