Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tired Sunday

Another Sunday, we missed church due to Miss Z being the award winning crab apple this morning.  She decided to wake up around 11pm the night before and not go back to sleep until around 2am...w/ momma being up w/ her....and then woke up at 4am....getting the idea of the cause of the crab apple award, hmmm?

So, Joe gets up w/ her 4am antics and lets me sleep until it's too late to go to church, and time for Z's nap.  yayee.  well, at least I got to have coffee w/ only 1 kiddo begging off sips from me...yes Bub and Z love least my coffee which has sugar and vanilla Silk in it.

after Z woke up again, Joe took Bub to Lowe's for outside work stuff.  Bub's new passion is going outside and helping Daddy w/ anything that needs helping, raking, digging, carrying branches to the burn pile, etc...  Now that we have a lawn mower, Joe is trying to clean up the yard so he can mow it without dismembering himself from random flying debris.  (member how I mentioned the yard has NOT been kept up very well?  Yeah, there's all sorts of sharp edged stuff we're finding).  Z and I stayed indoor (allergies) and cleaned out a bunch of boxes, threw stuff away, and put away at least half of the laundry pile.  Did I say "we"?  Actually it was me doing it all and telling Z to not mess up the different piles of trash, keep, shred, give.

Thankfully, the trash and give piles were the biggest.  I always feel better after I go through a box of crap and throw over half of it away.  Every time we move I start freaking out cuz in the short time of residency in one location, we have managed to double our supply of crap!  I look at these boxes, many of which are still unpacked from 2 moves ago and really start to wonder how much it would take to make me considered a full-blown hoarder!  That scares me...but it's not hard to get rid of the stuff, it's hard to get started.  I just feel so overwhelmed that I just close the door or shove the crap back into the hidey-hole it was in so I don't have to look at it.  I don't want to keep the crap, I just don't want to spend the time on going through it...but I don't want to just toss out the whole thing either, since my organizing skills are "poor" I usually only have a very general idea what is in the boxes...and there is usually at least ONE thing I need to keep, so through the whole box I must go.  blah.  Like today, one of the boxes had crap and then I found my Henry (my favorite stuffed animal from childhood).  I can't toss my Henry dog, even tho he is beat up like nobody's business!  Bub found Henry b4 I could figure out where to store him, and started pulling out his stuffing from one of the many badly attempted fix-up jobs of mine when I was still under 10. lol!!!!  That was worth pulling him out I guess.  :)

Anyhow, Bub and Joe got a bunch of herbs planted in our front dill, cilantro, basil, and parsley for me this year!  woo hoo!  love those men of mine!

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