Friday, March 18, 2011

ridiculous people

I get soooo exasperated w/ people who are ridiculous! Today I had someone tell me I make them nervous bc I'm always watching what they're doing... Hello!!! I kinda HAVE to have a general idea of what is being done to my pts, I kinda have a legal requirement to be responsible for anything/everything that is done or not done to them....and I (that's ME, not you) hold the blame *ie: legal consequences* if anything bad happens (even if someone else does it) ...I (that's ME again, not you) am the one who would have to answer the why and how comes of any negative outcomes.

But keep in mind, I am not SPYING on anyone, I am not compiling a master-list of anyone's mistakes in the evil plan of making anyone look bad.

(begin sarcastic rant)
YES....*insert maniacal evil-scientist voice here* I am the mastermind of retribution !!! I will nit-pick everything YOU DO...HAHAHAHAHA
(end sarcastic rant)

whatever. Really, how I look at this ridiculous tirade is ... if you are SO worried about me watching you, WHY are you worried if you are doing your job the way you should?

Good golly, some people just try to suck the joy out of any room they enter...

Don't know why, but all of this reminds me of one of my favorite all time's from Priscilla Queen of the Desert,
"Why don't you light your tampon-string on fire? It's the biggest bang you're ever going to get." that makes me giggle. : )

Nubs to all. even to this person who I apparently make so uncomfortable.... :)

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