Thursday, March 17, 2011

quiet times

I do want to share that Z has started to give kisses! 1st time I saw it was 2 days ago. So that would be what? 3/15? so basically 13 mo. yayee for my Z-bird! it's very sloppy at the moment, she needs more practice, so MORE kisses for Momma, woo hoo! :)

Have a rare moment of quiet time during my current rotation, Bub and Joe are at therapy & Z went down for a nap (!), I'm currently awake before I have to get ready for day 2 of my scheduled 4. usually I don't wake up until 2pm when I work, but I got up at 12ish for some reason. I'll prolly regret it around 3am tonite, but oh well, that's what coffee is for! lol. I should put clothes away, but I'm rationalizing that doing so will prolly wake up Z, and I'd rather be lazy...Yayee Lazy!

anyhow, hope today is a good day for all :)

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