Sunday, March 20, 2011

"poop incidents"

Just to clarify for anyone who may not be completely familiar w/ my personal lexicon, a "poop incident" is when Bub either poops in his diaper, takes the diaper off & some of it falls out on the floor, his hands, the wall, etc... OR (even better) Bub realizes he's about to poop, but even tho he's now clicked onto to the sensation, he hasn't clicked to realizing he needs to get his butt on the toilet pronto, so he takes the diaper off and poos on the floor....but it HAS clicked w/ him that pooping on the floor is not appreciated by Momma and Dad, so he then attempts to hide it under toys, books, clothes, basically anything loose in his room.

Now keep in mind, Mr. Man ONLY does this in HIS room, typically only at nite during his cool-down before bed or after lights out. Joe and I are out of our minds trying to figure out how to help him get thru this and move on to using the potty. Intellectually, we KNOW he really can't help it, he hasn't processed thru this yet..but at 2am waking up to a poop incident, it's sooo hard to be patient. SO hard.

It's been spring break this week, PLUS the time change so Bub is all messed up in his routines and we've been dealing w/ this multiple times this week. and I've been working since Wed, so Joe's been having to deal w/ this by himself mostly. At least when we're both home, One of us can haul Bub to the tub and clean him up while the other does poop cleanup detail, but it's hard to do both by yourself. Even tho Bub is safe and capable of taking a bath by himself, if he's not checked on every few minutes, you can walk into the bathroom and find the entire contents of the tub on the floor and a nekid mr. man sitting *in* the sink squishing the hand-soap into unusable goo...or all your toothpaste has turned into a hat, or now you only have 1 contact left out of the pair you had...or Bub has decided to go bald again because Daddy forgot to lock up his electric beard trimmer....the list is endless, just like Bub's natural talent to cause mischief. sigh.

but at least today, he got into writing letters and numbers. I started writing out 1-20 and he kept signing more, so we went all the way up to 50. I was trying to show him that the tens are just like when you count 1-10, it's the same pattern, but you just add more digits. I have no idea how much of that clicked to him, but after we were done, every time he went back into the kitchen he stopped and looked at the numbers, pointed to each of them, in order and was something trickled in, I just don't know how much.

And then, Zb decided to wiggle into the cupboards w/ the pots and get stuck...much rejoicing was heard after Momma helped her wiggle her chubby-bubby self out. lol. Bub thought it was hilarious and laughed his butt off.

anyhow, I'm going to sleep now, a 4 hr nap after a 19 hr day does not really cut it for me.

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