Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Bub

So, My little man has been wearing underwear since Wednesday and has not had a single accident.  can I say how excited I am?  I am so proud of the little guy.  I know most of the autie parents I talk to said 7 was the average age of potty-training IF potty-training was going to happen, so Bub is ahead by 1/2 a year!  yayee for my BUB!  no more UnderJams and Huggies you have any idea how expensive they can be?!?  and I scour the internet for coupons.  Yayee, I can use the $40-60/month to save up for a family vacation in August!  woo hoo!

In recognition of my Bub's accomplishment I got him a box of dominoes.  He's very happy with them.  he likes counting the dots.  as for now, he's reading his's some kind of science-toy one.   I ordered a bunch of catalogs a few weeks ago, and they started coming in this week.  I'm going to have to look for more.  :)

Nubs for now!

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