Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello again

Once again, I will try to be a faithful blogger....Not so sure how that's going to work, BUT I find I really enjoy reading my older posts and seeing the pictures I posted...so even if NO ONE ever reads this but me.

SOOO- I think my last entry was in my 1st semester of nursing school in 2009. well. I graduated, had a baby, got a job, and got a 2nd job which is currently my job. I'm in the field I REALLY wanted, special populations pediatrics (I work in a long-term and acute center for disabled children). Lots of people expect me to be depressed working w/ these kids who mostly can't do anything but sleep and cry (in their view), or that I have to "be a special kind of person to do that" (insert MAJOR eye-rolling). I love these kids, and each one of them has a different personality and lovability-factor (my invented idea for it). It doesn't depress me at all, it actually makes me thankful for how much Bub CAN do...and these days he's doing a lot, like counting to 10 on his fingers, writing his name, and just today he started learning how to roller-skate w/ daddy! He's also adjusting well to Z-bird, his little 1 y/o sister, he sometimes forgets she's a person, not a toy...but then he sometimes forgets that I'M a person and not a jungle-gym.....lol.

Anyway...currently my free-time (HAH!) consists of moderating b/c Z-bear's need to explore and Bub's need to create and maintain elaborate constructions (hearafter referred to as "elaborations")...the -maintaining- of the elaborations is the problem....So the new-ish rule Bub is adjusting to is, "if you bring your toys into the hall, kitchen or living room Z gets to play too, if you don't want her to play w/ your toys, they have to stay in your room" Z, much to her disappointment is NOT allowed in Bub's room....we have up a baby-gate that Bub can navigate over, but she can't; much to her chagrin. she'll just stand on the outside and squeal at him until he gets tired of it, and closes his door. lol :)

Joe is back to being a Full-time Daddy, and part-time WOWer (the part when 1-I'm home and awake, 2- the kids are asleep or 3-Z is asleep and Bub is creating elaborations in his room) actually, he's pretty good at it and gets invited to special raids, dungeons, and other weird stuff.

so, that's kinda my update. I sleep, play w/ my kids, make some meals, and work. yeah, that's about it. When I'm really lucky I actually see a friend once a month outside of church, but that's kinda stretching it...I think I need to change that soon!!! miss my friends and talking in a voice that isn't designed for a baby. :)

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