Thursday, March 31, 2011

random thoughts before bed

I frequently have random thoughts which I share w/ whoever is in the closest proximity of me...usually it's Joe, but others have entered the "Nina-Zone" and go thru the typical shaking of head at me's kinda funny (for me anyway)

So I have a few, here goes...

I get REALLY pissed off at the corn sugar commercials.  HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP(55+% fructose & 45-% glucose) IS NOT PROCESSED BY YOUR BODY THE SAME AS CANE SUGAR (SUCROSE - which is a 50/50 split of fructose and glucose)!!!!!  I GET REALLY PISSED OFF AT THAT COMMERCIAL!

from Wikipedia..  (you can skip the next paragraph if you don't like reading scientific/medical/microbiology crap....)

Digestive problems
Fructose absorption occurs via the GLUT-5[37] (fructose only) transporter, and the GLUT2 transporter, for which it competes with glucose and galactose. A deficiency of GLUT 5 may result in excess fructose carried into the lower intestine.[citation needed]gut flora, which produce gas. It may also cause water retention in the intestine. These effects may lead to bloating, excessive flatulence, loose stools, and even diarrhea depending on the amounts eaten and other factors. For some people, fructose malabsorption may be a major health concern.

ARGG!  I made the mistake of going on about this to a coworker that I don't really like but who entered the "Nina-Zone"...  she pissed me off even more by spouting off that she doesn't care about other people who get mislead by those commercials b/c they don't take the time to do their own research.  SERIOUSLY!  you don't care about people who either don't know how to research on issues, or haven't been educated enough to know to do their own research, or get bogged-down on the scientific jargon embedded in the research process and thus believe the lies the corn farmers of america put on TV so they can stuff their wallets?  This is one of the reasons I don't like her...NOOOO compassion.  WTF are you doing in healthcare?  Seriously...

I really love Red Dwarf.  REALLY.  It cracks me up everytime.  if you have never watched it, here is a sample

man, that kills me

later all!  Nubs!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Wow, I have a friend that is super green.  No, really.  This person is so green it scares me.  I mean, I know we are all supposed to go green, and protect the environment, and save our resources, and blah blah blah...but this goes FAR beyond that.  Everything out of him is so green-pc that it makes me start to have anti-green thoughts just to balance it out.  For example, if someone should start to go on and on about global warming and CO2 emissions...I just want to go start spraying aqua-net at them and start tossing my yoplait containers in the woods w/o crushing them first and tossing 6-pack plastic ring-thingies into the Alaskan coast-line all while laughing like a maniac!

(I am so wrong)

Am I the only one like this?  I saw some British video about people who weren't green getting blown up.  I thought I'd be the secret rebel, and SAY I'd do something green, and then go chop down a rain-forest.

Here is that commercial...thanks to Mike K. for posting it on describes to me the very worst of the green movement, and embodies why I must rebel against the greenies.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tired Sunday

Another Sunday, we missed church due to Miss Z being the award winning crab apple this morning.  She decided to wake up around 11pm the night before and not go back to sleep until around 2am...w/ momma being up w/ her....and then woke up at 4am....getting the idea of the cause of the crab apple award, hmmm?

So, Joe gets up w/ her 4am antics and lets me sleep until it's too late to go to church, and time for Z's nap.  yayee.  well, at least I got to have coffee w/ only 1 kiddo begging off sips from me...yes Bub and Z love least my coffee which has sugar and vanilla Silk in it.

after Z woke up again, Joe took Bub to Lowe's for outside work stuff.  Bub's new passion is going outside and helping Daddy w/ anything that needs helping, raking, digging, carrying branches to the burn pile, etc...  Now that we have a lawn mower, Joe is trying to clean up the yard so he can mow it without dismembering himself from random flying debris.  (member how I mentioned the yard has NOT been kept up very well?  Yeah, there's all sorts of sharp edged stuff we're finding).  Z and I stayed indoor (allergies) and cleaned out a bunch of boxes, threw stuff away, and put away at least half of the laundry pile.  Did I say "we"?  Actually it was me doing it all and telling Z to not mess up the different piles of trash, keep, shred, give.

Thankfully, the trash and give piles were the biggest.  I always feel better after I go through a box of crap and throw over half of it away.  Every time we move I start freaking out cuz in the short time of residency in one location, we have managed to double our supply of crap!  I look at these boxes, many of which are still unpacked from 2 moves ago and really start to wonder how much it would take to make me considered a full-blown hoarder!  That scares me...but it's not hard to get rid of the stuff, it's hard to get started.  I just feel so overwhelmed that I just close the door or shove the crap back into the hidey-hole it was in so I don't have to look at it.  I don't want to keep the crap, I just don't want to spend the time on going through it...but I don't want to just toss out the whole thing either, since my organizing skills are "poor" I usually only have a very general idea what is in the boxes...and there is usually at least ONE thing I need to keep, so through the whole box I must go.  blah.  Like today, one of the boxes had crap and then I found my Henry (my favorite stuffed animal from childhood).  I can't toss my Henry dog, even tho he is beat up like nobody's business!  Bub found Henry b4 I could figure out where to store him, and started pulling out his stuffing from one of the many badly attempted fix-up jobs of mine when I was still under 10. lol!!!!  That was worth pulling him out I guess.  :)

Anyhow, Bub and Joe got a bunch of herbs planted in our front dill, cilantro, basil, and parsley for me this year!  woo hoo!  love those men of mine!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Bub

So, My little man has been wearing underwear since Wednesday and has not had a single accident.  can I say how excited I am?  I am so proud of the little guy.  I know most of the autie parents I talk to said 7 was the average age of potty-training IF potty-training was going to happen, so Bub is ahead by 1/2 a year!  yayee for my BUB!  no more UnderJams and Huggies you have any idea how expensive they can be?!?  and I scour the internet for coupons.  Yayee, I can use the $40-60/month to save up for a family vacation in August!  woo hoo!

In recognition of my Bub's accomplishment I got him a box of dominoes.  He's very happy with them.  he likes counting the dots.  as for now, he's reading his's some kind of science-toy one.   I ordered a bunch of catalogs a few weeks ago, and they started coming in this week.  I'm going to have to look for more.  :)

Nubs for now!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

preping for ARDs

For anyone out there who has kids w/ special needs, we have entered the time of year for ARDs...yayee us.  For those of you who don't have to go thru this process w/ the public school system, and ARD is a meeting w/ your child's teacher, administrator, speech therapist (if applicable), occupational therapist (if applicable), physical therapist (if applicable), and the person who decides if the child qualifies for special needs education (Forgot the job title...oops.) and the parent/s.  so there is a lot of folks in one room.  and we discuss his progress over the past year and plan what his goals for the next year will be and what the setting will be.

Thankfully, most of my ARDs have been very calm and agreeable, as I have a rough idea what I want to see for Bub and what they want to do w/ Bub.  This year, when I got the invitation I sent it back w/ a note saying I wanted to discuss options to see Bub have more inclusion w/ his neurotypical peers (for those of you who are not autie parents, neurotypical means NORMAL)  *lucky bastages*   lol.  *kinda*

So Bub's teacher asked me to come for a parent-teacher conference today.  It went well, and she really liked my ideas for Bub to have greater inclusion.  Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned specifically what my idea was, have I?  I am a nerd...sorry.

Bub's campus has a deaf education classroom, Bub's main modality of communication is ASL, sooooo  (kinda see where I'm going???)  Let's get Bub in w/ the deaf education kids who ARE behaviorally "normal" and age appropriate normal, and get Mr. Man to model more signing w/ kids his age.  cuz right now, Bub is one of the oldest kids in his class,

So, Me and Bub's teacher are on the same page, which will make this idea much more likely to happen next year.  Yayee for parent involvement!

However....his teacher shared some disturbing info about how special ed is going to be managed under the current school this autie mom is going to have to start doing something about and start advocating and riling up some other parents...which isn't easy cause we special needs parents are TIRED ALL THE TIME!  you have no idea.  think of taking care of your kid after your kid just took a hit of acid...that is our ALL THE TIME!!!  so getting additional parental involvement may not happen, but I can try.  I'll write about that next time.  I'm running on 4 hrs sleep following a 18hr day.  must sleep.

loves to all! N

Monday, March 21, 2011

So much for a quiet afternoon

We go to Lowes to get a lawn mower. Z gets overheated, her bottom half is as red as a lobster and she won't stop crying, we rush home and I plop her in a tepid bath, she's still crying, so I plop in w/ her, which makes her stop crying b/c seeing momma in the tub w/ all her clothes on is pretty funny to a baby, I guess....
so after a half hour of tepid bath, her color is normal again, 1/2 a bottle of pedialyte is down her gobbet, I hear Bub screaming/crying.

fun fun fun

Well, while I'm fixing up the Zbird, Daddy took Bub outside to play. Mr. Man thought stacking bricks on a pole was a smart thing indeed...until they fell on his back that is.
So now Bub is hurting, and crying, and hurling himself against the wall, floor, daddy, etc... I don't see any cuts or initial bruising on him, but he keeps pointing to an old scab on his arm...momma's not slow...he wants band-aids to make him better. 3 weeks ago I had to beg this kid to keep a band-aid on for more than 2 min. Now he wants them everywhere! So 2 on his back "Owies" and one on the old scab, and another one to join the one already on his thumb...and then Momma decides it's time to make him laugh, so I put one on his nose...I was right, it did make him laugh and he climbed up on the counter so he could see himself in the mirror. Then I got out 2 special "suckies" (tylenol meltaways- if I tell him it's medicine he won't eat it...if I tell him it's candy he'll try to sneak it, hence a special word that is neither one or the other....sigh)

Dinner consisted of peas and chicken nuggets and kool aid. Momma was too tired to do anything that would actually take effort...the kids loved it tho...yeah, thanks bupchiks.

I swear, they are already partners in crime, whatever one of them does, the other tries to top it. I am so toast in a few years....


Since it will be a LOOONG time before Joe & I can manage to save up anything near enough to buy a house, we rent. We're really lucky this time around, w/ the house we are renting. It's a two bedroom 1 bath, BUT it's on a HUGE property. I would be very surprised if it wasn't at least an one acre lot. and it has lots of tree (which I love), but a lot of oaks. phooey. I like the acorns, cuz Bub likes to collect them and count them, BUT the leaves don't come down til spring...sooo are you following me on this one? yep...they're just falling now...just when we almost finished getting all the fall leaves raked up. boo!

Add to that, I'm pretty sure most of the leaves we've been raking are NOT just from this last fall (we moved in Nov. '10), so we've been having burn-piles nearly every week since we moved in. It's getting kinda old.
and now to add to the leaf detail, pollen is everywhere, my green car has turned yellow once again.

LOL- I just remembered! One burn-pile a month or two ago, I had the "great" idea to have Bub and Joe toast some marshmallows, cuz Bub loves a marshmallow! well this great idea started to sour almost immediately. Bub snabs the marshmallow bag and runs off, so we have to chase him to get them back, and during the chase MANY marshmallows ended up inside bub. *surprise* then we finally get a marshmallow on a stick, Bub decides he's too afraid of the fire pit to toast it. *sigh* so Joe toasts it FOR bub, and brings it over to him. Mr. Man sees his nice white marshmallow has turned brown, touches it and it kinda sticks to his finger a little. he runs away. Joe tries to show him that he can eat it, but Bub has decided we are mental and will show no intent of eating the toasted marshmallow. meanwhile, we have wasted an hour and a bag of marshmallows for nothing. Oh, I love my life, lol.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"poop incidents"

Just to clarify for anyone who may not be completely familiar w/ my personal lexicon, a "poop incident" is when Bub either poops in his diaper, takes the diaper off & some of it falls out on the floor, his hands, the wall, etc... OR (even better) Bub realizes he's about to poop, but even tho he's now clicked onto to the sensation, he hasn't clicked to realizing he needs to get his butt on the toilet pronto, so he takes the diaper off and poos on the floor....but it HAS clicked w/ him that pooping on the floor is not appreciated by Momma and Dad, so he then attempts to hide it under toys, books, clothes, basically anything loose in his room.

Now keep in mind, Mr. Man ONLY does this in HIS room, typically only at nite during his cool-down before bed or after lights out. Joe and I are out of our minds trying to figure out how to help him get thru this and move on to using the potty. Intellectually, we KNOW he really can't help it, he hasn't processed thru this yet..but at 2am waking up to a poop incident, it's sooo hard to be patient. SO hard.

It's been spring break this week, PLUS the time change so Bub is all messed up in his routines and we've been dealing w/ this multiple times this week. and I've been working since Wed, so Joe's been having to deal w/ this by himself mostly. At least when we're both home, One of us can haul Bub to the tub and clean him up while the other does poop cleanup detail, but it's hard to do both by yourself. Even tho Bub is safe and capable of taking a bath by himself, if he's not checked on every few minutes, you can walk into the bathroom and find the entire contents of the tub on the floor and a nekid mr. man sitting *in* the sink squishing the hand-soap into unusable goo...or all your toothpaste has turned into a hat, or now you only have 1 contact left out of the pair you had...or Bub has decided to go bald again because Daddy forgot to lock up his electric beard trimmer....the list is endless, just like Bub's natural talent to cause mischief. sigh.

but at least today, he got into writing letters and numbers. I started writing out 1-20 and he kept signing more, so we went all the way up to 50. I was trying to show him that the tens are just like when you count 1-10, it's the same pattern, but you just add more digits. I have no idea how much of that clicked to him, but after we were done, every time he went back into the kitchen he stopped and looked at the numbers, pointed to each of them, in order and was something trickled in, I just don't know how much.

And then, Zb decided to wiggle into the cupboards w/ the pots and get stuck...much rejoicing was heard after Momma helped her wiggle her chubby-bubby self out. lol. Bub thought it was hilarious and laughed his butt off.

anyhow, I'm going to sleep now, a 4 hr nap after a 19 hr day does not really cut it for me.

Friday, March 18, 2011

ridiculous people

I get soooo exasperated w/ people who are ridiculous! Today I had someone tell me I make them nervous bc I'm always watching what they're doing... Hello!!! I kinda HAVE to have a general idea of what is being done to my pts, I kinda have a legal requirement to be responsible for anything/everything that is done or not done to them....and I (that's ME, not you) hold the blame *ie: legal consequences* if anything bad happens (even if someone else does it) ...I (that's ME again, not you) am the one who would have to answer the why and how comes of any negative outcomes.

But keep in mind, I am not SPYING on anyone, I am not compiling a master-list of anyone's mistakes in the evil plan of making anyone look bad.

(begin sarcastic rant)
YES....*insert maniacal evil-scientist voice here* I am the mastermind of retribution !!! I will nit-pick everything YOU DO...HAHAHAHAHA
(end sarcastic rant)

whatever. Really, how I look at this ridiculous tirade is ... if you are SO worried about me watching you, WHY are you worried if you are doing your job the way you should?

Good golly, some people just try to suck the joy out of any room they enter...

Don't know why, but all of this reminds me of one of my favorite all time's from Priscilla Queen of the Desert,
"Why don't you light your tampon-string on fire? It's the biggest bang you're ever going to get." that makes me giggle. : )

Nubs to all. even to this person who I apparently make so uncomfortable.... :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

quiet times

I do want to share that Z has started to give kisses! 1st time I saw it was 2 days ago. So that would be what? 3/15? so basically 13 mo. yayee for my Z-bird! it's very sloppy at the moment, she needs more practice, so MORE kisses for Momma, woo hoo! :)

Have a rare moment of quiet time during my current rotation, Bub and Joe are at therapy & Z went down for a nap (!), I'm currently awake before I have to get ready for day 2 of my scheduled 4. usually I don't wake up until 2pm when I work, but I got up at 12ish for some reason. I'll prolly regret it around 3am tonite, but oh well, that's what coffee is for! lol. I should put clothes away, but I'm rationalizing that doing so will prolly wake up Z, and I'd rather be lazy...Yayee Lazy!

anyhow, hope today is a good day for all :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just for Lisa

I now declare that Lisa B. may refer to Z as "Lisa" on this blog. I however, reserve the right to call her "Z" (or any other pet name) as I see fit. LOLOLOLOL!

Dagnabit! I miss you Lisa. Get yer a** to TX someday ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello again

Once again, I will try to be a faithful blogger....Not so sure how that's going to work, BUT I find I really enjoy reading my older posts and seeing the pictures I even if NO ONE ever reads this but me.

SOOO- I think my last entry was in my 1st semester of nursing school in 2009. well. I graduated, had a baby, got a job, and got a 2nd job which is currently my job. I'm in the field I REALLY wanted, special populations pediatrics (I work in a long-term and acute center for disabled children). Lots of people expect me to be depressed working w/ these kids who mostly can't do anything but sleep and cry (in their view), or that I have to "be a special kind of person to do that" (insert MAJOR eye-rolling). I love these kids, and each one of them has a different personality and lovability-factor (my invented idea for it). It doesn't depress me at all, it actually makes me thankful for how much Bub CAN do...and these days he's doing a lot, like counting to 10 on his fingers, writing his name, and just today he started learning how to roller-skate w/ daddy! He's also adjusting well to Z-bird, his little 1 y/o sister, he sometimes forgets she's a person, not a toy...but then he sometimes forgets that I'M a person and not a

Anyway...currently my free-time (HAH!) consists of moderating b/c Z-bear's need to explore and Bub's need to create and maintain elaborate constructions (hearafter referred to as "elaborations")...the -maintaining- of the elaborations is the problem....So the new-ish rule Bub is adjusting to is, "if you bring your toys into the hall, kitchen or living room Z gets to play too, if you don't want her to play w/ your toys, they have to stay in your room" Z, much to her disappointment is NOT allowed in Bub's room....we have up a baby-gate that Bub can navigate over, but she can't; much to her chagrin. she'll just stand on the outside and squeal at him until he gets tired of it, and closes his door. lol :)

Joe is back to being a Full-time Daddy, and part-time WOWer (the part when 1-I'm home and awake, 2- the kids are asleep or 3-Z is asleep and Bub is creating elaborations in his room) actually, he's pretty good at it and gets invited to special raids, dungeons, and other weird stuff.

so, that's kinda my update. I sleep, play w/ my kids, make some meals, and work. yeah, that's about it. When I'm really lucky I actually see a friend once a month outside of church, but that's kinda stretching it...I think I need to change that soon!!! miss my friends and talking in a voice that isn't designed for a baby. :)


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