Friday, September 26, 2008

crow pie

After being chastized by my big-little bro for mentioning that I miss Dawn's blogging updates, I realized I had been somewhat neglectful of my I had better put something up PDQ (or since I have to use medical abbreviations...."STAT and prn")

Well, I'm still sitting w/ a high B average that the OCD part of me is very unhappy with, but the realistic part of me (the part that actually wants more than 4 hours of sleep a night) is QUITE happy with.

I got invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, the 2-yr college version of Phi Beta I s/b pretty darn happy that I'm getting a B and retaining my sleep and sanity.

I realized that doing my reading via computer is NOT a good fit for me. I am not able to read as quickly and I don't retain as much as when I use my actual book. However, I do VERY well taking notes in class ON my computer, since I can type fast, have good accuracy, and don't need to look at my fingers now that I am used to typing on a smaller than standard keyboard
(Boy am I GLAD I never liked having long fingernails)

Because of HIPPA laws, I am not able to write or talk about my actual clinical experience, and no I will not make exceptions because I really don't like the idea of being fined outrageous amounts of money and possible criminal I will just say, I felt silly....I felt like I didn't do enough, I felt like I should have taken more charge and did less pussy-footing...but I was nervous, and I didn't want to be too intrusive.
Then while reflecting on the experience as I did my HOUR DRIVE BACK TO SCHOOL *huff* I decided that if I am afraid of being intrusive, I need to get over it, cuz if I'm not being "intrusive" I could end up really hurting someone thru lack of care or negligence, so I HAVE to get over it.
What's really hard for me, is that I am not a very good chit-chatter-er, so I have to get better at that to help me create a level comfort and trust, esp if I'm going to be doing a lot of ...well, what I had to do.... use your imagination. :p

Well, back to studying for my Monday test. (yes, there is a major test EVERY monday)

Loves to all! Neebs!

Friday, September 19, 2008

one more week done

4 weeks into this adventure of becoming an RN and I am already POOPED!
Not to mention the lack of electricity this week due to IKE wiping out East Texas.

I have 2 tests done, that I got very high B's on (yayee!)
I have passed my skills checks for:
hand washing
isolation protocols
Vital stat taking (B/P, pulse, respiration)

I must be ready to display my knowledge of client movements on monday as well as be tested on 6 classes of drugs.

OY! I got a LOOOOONG weekend ahead of me.

BTW- BUB is 4 today!
4 yrs ago , I was in a hosp not able to stand yet from the spinal tap and trying to figure out how me and Joe would do this parent thing.
I think we've figured out a good portion to start with so far *winks*

g-nite folks!


Saturday, September 06, 2008

the bird that starts with the letter "X"

hey Mom,
I found the bird that starts with the letter "x", it's a xenops.

I put in a link for more info on them, it's kinda cute & I will prolly send you a copy. (click on the title of today's blog to go there)

well, today Dorlaine was braver than I am, she took Bub AND Cousin "K" to the movies!!!!
(she let me stay home & study, which I am REALLY greatful for!!!)

They went to see "kung-fu panda"
I made snack packs for them as Bub is not able to eat movie theater foods being gfcf and all...
They had gfcf popcorn, jelly-beans, lollies, and some parve kosher taffy I found that stated it was gluten free!!!

they didn't make it thru the whole 90-min movie tho, Dorlaine reported that they both got antsy and sticky within an hour, so they left early...which was ok, b/c Cousin K had already seen it, ("It's a good movie auntie Nina, there isn't any bad's PG!!! REALLY!") (hehehehe) and bub was sticky... Sticky Bub is never a fun Mr. man....he gets crabby about being sticky after a while....

Also, Bub got his jumbo raisins today....for once he has solid BM, but they are TOO solid. Poor guy, he's freaking out every time he sees the wipey comin for to clean him up. *sigh* Hopefully the "jumbo raisins" will clear him up and he will have normal poop for a while....if not he sees his Dr on the 19th and I will insist that running some tests on his GI track may be a VERY good idea...if his Dr. doesn't agree, I'll get his endocrinist to listen to me....

Ah, the love of medical stuff. I need to get some of my teachers to advise me on how to get my doctors to listen to me & believe I know what I am talking about.....

need to study for another hour or so! Loves to all!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Week 2 done

I am now officially CPR certified, for adults, children & infants.

I spent 1/2 hr lab time practicing ROMs today (range of motion)
Me & a classmate started singing "neck, elbow, wrist & hands;wrists & hands" to the tune of "head, fingers knees & toes" to help us remember which joints need to be hyperextended.

I keep wanting to say "exsistential" instead of extension..... is that weird or what?

let's see if I can do the list by memory:

lateral flexion
side to side

internal rotation
external rotation





internal rotation
external rotation


dorsal flex
plantar flex


I have to name each movement as I do it and name the joint it's for.

I need to know that I need to do ROM w/ clients 3-4 times a day, both sides of body, 5 reps on each joint.

I need to know that I have to support the joints while I am doing the ROMs

That, PLUS a test on 8 chapters in pharmacology on monday.....

Not mentioning what is due on Tuesday...hi-ya.....


Monday, September 01, 2008

I just want to say that I am tired

I did figure out how to type an outline on my MS word while reading the textbook that is on my computer. (no book to PC, PC to's all electronic baby....)

(Mom is prolly thinking ..."Oy! The machina!!!!" *insert bizarre ukie expression like...."may a pickle grow out of your nose," or "you wear the shoe of a dog"*)

I'm glad I opted for a wide screen laptop.

I'm almost used to the smaller keyboard...I'm not having as many typos as I initially did.


Do not read a chapter without outlining it at the same time....this will save you time, effort, and theory anyhow...


Bub wasn't as off today as he was yesterday...but he was a tired and crabby little guy. Dorlaine suggested that he might be tired b/c he's afraid to sleep after the nightmare he had 2 nights ago...I think she may be right....but warm soy milk, baby einstein number's nursery, and pooh-bear lullaby's player got him asleep around 8:38 (that's when I was able to sneak out of his room).
I tried bring bub up to the alter during the children's message during church today. He wasn't as disruptive as usual...I'm still debating whether or not to participate with the children's message. Bub seems to distract the other kids from what Pastor Coleman is saying....yet, sometimes I think Bub is trying to follow along, but just can't focus long enough to get engaged. I try to help by signing main words to bub, and try to get him to sign's only minimumly helpful...

It's so hard to know what to do to balance what I think (hope) Bub needs spiritually, and the needs of the rest of the congregation....BUT, Bub is a hit when it's time to share the peace, cuz he LOVES to shake hands & give occasional hugs to random people.

I'm going to bed now.

Love you all!!!


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