Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last comment for the day---I promise...really

Just wanted to share some recent bub accomplishments...

- bub is helping me set the table by putting bundles of silverware at the right place setting when I ask him to and give him the silverware...

-building round and square structures instead of only towers and lines

-Bub LOVEs to help me make his bed in the mornings, he jumps up on the bed and helps me "tuck-tuck" the blanket and sheets under the mattress

-spins like a ballerina when he holds your pointer finger over his head.

-Only daddy can cut his hair...and only mommy can get him to pick up his room

-will shake hands when asked. :)



  1. Big (little) Bro1:36 PM, July 24, 2008

    Congratulations little man. He's doing a great job, i wish I knew as many ASL words as he does. I like to watch "Signing Time" on PBS, she hypnotizes me every time. Dawn wants to buy the whole season of that show. Alayna likes it alot too. Keep up th egood job at school, we love you


  2. Thanks Bro,
    Signing time is fantastic...I've been singing the "in a house, in a home" song all day and doing the signs...

    I keep mixing up "Family" and "freedom" tho...mainly because yesterday I was listening to "free to be you and me" w/ bub and I was trying to sign along with the songs....



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