Sunday, October 07, 2007

rice "pancakes" gf/cf

decided to share one of Bub's favorite EASY gf/cf foods.
I make these really fast before sending him off to school to eat them, his teacher & aide said they wanted some when they gave it to him. :)

1 c. cold cooked rice
1 egg
1 banana
gf/cf canola spray (I like walmart brand)

-mash banana and mix with rice and egg thoroughly
-spray pan surface really well (or it will stick & fall apart when flipped)
-spoon 2 heaping Tbs on pan and cook until side up looks dull
-flip and cook 1 min.

SUPER easy and tastes really good. won't work for SCD diets tho.
it freezes well and can be nuked or toasted, tho Bub usually eats them quickly and tries to sneak more when he thinks I'm not looking. The banana makes it sweet enough that no honey or syrup is needed.
I have also made this with out the banana and substituted spinach and added salt, but although it was acceptable to Mr. Man, it wasn't his favorite either.

Today, I am gathering the nerve to take him to ...."Lab-X", our Church's kiddo activites on Sunday nites. Cousin K is coming along. I took him to one last year (before we knew what was going on with him) and had a horrible time b/c he just had no idea what was going on and just wanted to run up and down the halls.
Several reasons why I am trying this again:
1)Good for his growing faith

2) he's older and might get into it....

3)he's had a few weeks in school and seems to be more open to the concept of "sit still for a while and watch what is happening on the stage, -then- run around w/ other kids"

4)Being around neuro-typical kids who like him for who he is is good for my bub (and good for me to see too)

5)I can't just keep him from the world, however much "easier" it is for me.

anyhow, I'm up for the challenge, and I will think happy thoughts about it. Plus cousin K will be with us to help. I must say that it is amazing in how she mother-hens bub. It's not bossy at all, and Mr. man does listen to her and tries to copy her. He is more likely to copy something she does than something I do. This morning after church, they were sitting up at the kitchen bar drinking some soda grandma got for them, and cousin K taught bub how to clink their bottles together. I actually heard bub try to say "cheers" with her (it sounded more like "cheee-ras").

so that's today, will post more as can.
(hopefully get some .jpg's up too.)


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