Monday, October 29, 2007

Reflection on my 2nd Chemistry Test...

So here I am feeling all depressed. Not because I did bad...I did good (don't know the grade yet tho, but I knew what I was doing on the test, so that's a good sign, right?!?!)
I feel bad, b/c as soon as I finished and got into lab, one of the other "returning to school momma's" said to me, "I hope you didn't get 100% this time and ruin our curve".

Now what kind of horrible thing is that to say? I worked REALLY hard to do good on this test. I skipped an autism event that I was really looking forward to for over a month to study because I felt I didn't know the material well enough. I DO NOT miss autism events for things that aren't just as important to me.

Now I understand that I am not a single mom that has to work full or half-time, take care of the kids and do 12+ hrs of school. I get that, but still, I worked my tail off and it really bums me out that people resent me for that. It's not like in high school where I got A's and B's and didn't even work at brain isn't that great anymore....I have to drill myself and hold myself to a disciplined plan to make sure I understand the concepts. I swear, for each concept it takes me 1/2 hour- 1 hour to fully understand it and be able to do a problem correctly without having to check the sample problems while doing the problem I'm working on. (did that make sense, or did I get rambly?) So to complete each chapter's homework, I'm spending an average of 2-4 hours a day on it. (some days that's all I do while Mr. Man's at school....other days I try to do householdy type stuff....grocerying, cleaning, laundrying, etc....) (like my gerrunding?) *THHPT*

On the other hand, my lab partners love me because I do the equations......and we do the lab right and get out pretty fast.....


Send me pity so I can sit in the corner and say..."poor me....I have to work hard to get good grades.....oh life is so hard...."


I like the "moment of sarcasm". It made me laugh a bit....I think I will make it a semi-regular feature......
What do you think?

I think Joe's almost got the picture part of the PC fixed so I can post pictures of Bub's 1st day of school and my new short hair soon.
(that's right, I CHOPPED it off!!!!! Nearly bald girl posting! (not really nearly bald...that was a joke....."go on and laugh boy!".....) (you get points if you know who I was quoting......)

(i feel better now)

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