Friday, October 05, 2007

autism and diet...this is my life.

No pictures today...sorry, still having PC issues...

Yesterday I think bub had a gluten reaction, it was very odd. Imagine hanging out with a very giddy drunk person...that's what it was like. He was all wobbly, he didn't seem able to keep his balance and kept falling over and then laughing like crazy. He would try to grab his stacking rings and over or unshoot them several times before being able to grab them. I watched this behaviour for about 10 min to make sure he wasn't just being silly (cuz sometimes he likes to be silly).
I am SO thankful for E.C.I. and all the different therapies they helped me learn. from what he was doing, it seemed as if his vestibular and proprioceptic sensory systems were WAY out of synch: so we started with spinning supine, upright, and then a couple of sommersaults. Then we did bouncing on his bouncy ball, finally I got him to roll up tight in his fuzzy blanket a few times. I thought about getting out the bean-box, but after spending an hour on these activities, he seemed grounded again, and seemed to have recovered his balance an sense of where his body ended and the world began. I tell is the oddest thing to watch, seeing the total disorientation turn into calmness again. anyhow.

Like I said earlier, I am guessing that he had a reaction to gluten, which is surprising because I tested him for gluten sensitivities back in June when I took him off casein and could not find a difference in behavior with him on or off of it. However, 20 min before he got wonky, I had given him a graham cracker. He really hadn't eaten much wheat before that, he had cereal for breakfast (8am at school) and 1/2 a small roll at lunch 10:45(school again), and then the graham cracker @ 2pm. He was at school the other 2 times he got gluten, so I don't know if he reacted or not. His teacher and aide may not have recognized his reaction even if he did have one, they did say he was very happy during the day, so maybe he did and they aren't as tuned in with him as I am to know that reeling around and laughing his butt off for no reason is not normal for him. really, they have only known him for about 2 I can't assume they would recognize it. And to be perfectly honest, I am SO impressed with how much they will work with me on his dietary restrictions, I mean really! There are only 2 of them and 6 special needs kids. I know for sure that one of Bub's classmates cannot feed himself properly, and I think another one may have difficulties with feeding herself- and mr.Man is ALWAYS all over the place, those women have their hands FULL. I am amazed they even tolerate my manic insistence that Bub only eats what I send him with.
I digress again....So yesterday I decided to test gluten again. So for today thru sunday, Mr. Man will not ingest ANY gluten in any form. This makes my life a tad more complex, but HEY, didn't I always say in my foolish youth that I thrive on stress and challenges? (Won't the Doctor show up in his TARDIS and take me back to myself 10-15 years ago so I can kick myself in the ass a few times? please?!?!)
then Bub has Monday off school (teacher activities stuff) so I have ALL DAY to apply gluten to him and watch for whatever kind of firework-display he'll give me. yayee me. *thhptthp*

I got to go off to one of the local health food stores and buy some alternate ground grains that contain no gluten so bub doesn't freak out over no pancakes, and if I do end up adopting GF as well as CF I already AM doing, I'll have some supplies to get me thru the initial days. I already looked up a bunch of GFCF recipes that I will be experimenting with this weekend.

I just have to hope and pray that he doesn't start having yeast issues next. I really don't want to go thru several rounds of diflucan and even more dietary restrictions, but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

Loves to all!

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