Wednesday, September 26, 2007

sorry- no picture today

Well, here it is. Bub started school last Tuesday. He seems to like it, except for the part when I leave....that he does NOT all. Most days he just grabs my leg and tries to pull me to the door to tell me "let's go momma, I don't want US to be here". That is ok to handle, but today was hard, he started bawling big time. And he's just getting over a cold, so he's not the happiest camper you ever saw with a crusty nose anyway. But, I had to just's going to take a while for him to get over his separation anxiety. He is ALWAYS excited to see me pick him up after school and gives me HUGE hugs and kisses. That's one of many things I love about my bub, he is never shy to show how much he loves somebody. I have watched other 3 year olds (I talking about neuro-typical kids here) and they are already showing signs of not wanting to hug their parents in public...somehow it has already become embarrassing. But I don't think bub is going to experience that embarrassment for a long time. He so wears his emotions on his sleeve...but with autism that is a really good thing. He is very aware of his emotions and I am seeing him be aware of other people's emotions too...he may not understand what response is socially acceptable, but he is getting it slowly, but surely.
Lots of babbling over the last week. I know I am hearing words (this isn't just wishful listening).
I am still hearing "done", and "go" when he doesn't want me to interrupt his current circuit, he's saying "apple" when he is hungry, but doesn't necessarily WANT an apple, it's just his word for "feed me now momma". I did hear him say "bye" to his aide last friday...but no wave yet....that will come eventually I suppose.

Anyhow...I should do stuff and not ramble.
Love to all

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