Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Please go and read this comic strip! I swear, if I could get away with it, I would do it....


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another challenge

Now, I'm not complaining, not a bit. It's not "hard"to keep track of all the different therapies I need to keep bub doing.....It's not hard to stay motivated to do all of them...every some cases, every two hours.....(can you hear the sarcasm?)

No, really- most days are fine, but the last two weeks have been hard. As some of you know I have removed dairy (casin) from Bub's diet (VERY CHALLENGING...) and the jury's still out on whether I will go GF as well (gluten free[wheat mainly, but other grains too]...I keep forgetting I didn't know this stuff a month ago, and now it's something Joe & I discuss almost daily.....)
sorry- digressed already....well last weekend Joe gave Mr. Man some hot-dogs & I tell you there was SOMETHING in there that set him off. If I didn't believe diet can affect behavior before...I have NO DOUBT anymore. He had massive meltdowns Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (hotdogs were eaten on Friday and Saturday) and was still touchy on that Monday too (only mini-meltdowns). Now that is one thing I am very thankful for. Mr. Man does not have Massive meltdowns on any kind of regular basis, only when he is super-stressed out (like going to a Doctor or Dentist) and some reaction to the food he eats. It was so bad we had to leave church because he couldn't handle me leaving him at children's church by himself, and then began to meltdown as soon as I convinced him I would stay with him. I was a VERY stressed out Mom that morning.... to make things worse tho, the same time these meltdowns started, we had started a new OT for bub (Occupation Therapy) that I suspected might be causing the meltdowns b/c he doesn't really like part of it (skin brushing followed by joint-compressions b4 we put the ankle weights on), but thankfully I did a double elimination & then started the OT again & no meltdowns....yeayee- it was the hotdogs...wait, did I say yayee...that's one more food I have to avoid.....*sigh*

So as this behavioral trigger is now identified, it is July 3rd and time for our town's fireworks. We decide to take Bub because we can go near the fairgrounds, at Grandpa's work, but not be in the crowds (Large groups of people over-sensitizes bub). As you can see, he enjoyed the firework display and actually focused on it for nearly the whole 1/2 hour display (amazing....),
BUT(of course there is a "but") Joe & I think Mr. Man had some dreams about the fireworks, and couldn't put them in context of where he saw them....he definately had nightmares the next two nights, and since the 3rd, it has taken us 2.5-3.5 hours to get him to fall asleep. This is not happy, esp. since Joe just got a new job that starts at 7am in the morning, and I (by choice mind you) am the one staying with Bub until he is asleep so Joe can get the sleep -he- needs.

Fun, huh?

Sorry this picture is sideways...this is one of the pictures we use to help Bub communicate until he begins talking (speech therapy seems to be helping) He is mainly consistent with this picture & his soy-milk picture (as these are some of his favorite foods...I'm not surprised). Bub is seeming to like using the pictures more than signing, however, it seems he likes ME to sign (ASL) to him rather than make him use the pictures....
But I see this as a positive thing as I am starting to be fluent in ASL, and once I finish school and get into my profession, that could be a HUGE I tell myself so I don't get overwhelmed and depressed.....

Still reading as much as I can, So much to learn, and can be overwhelming. but I decided the changes I do make will be a little slower than they have been. with all the therapies starting since June, it's hard to know which ones made the most difference and how quickly, now that it seems that the major therapies are in place and the new stuff I get are really tweaks of what we are doing, I'm only going to introduce one new thing every week or two (maybe longer in some cases). I'm going to be starting Bub on some supplements, my Aunt recommended a pro-biotic that her son uses, and as I have read a lot about the connection with leaky-gut, and as we know my preoccupation with Mr. Man's end product (literally) I think this is a very good starting point.
Then after that, out Pediatric behavioralist pediatrician recommended Omega-3 to help with his concentration & told us it's the only thing proven to really help so far ( and again, my aunt confirmed this with her experience)
I'm still considering a high B6 w/ magnesium supplement for him, our Behav. pediatrician sz all it will do is give him REALLY yellow pee, but ARI and DAN! and so many other resources say it can really have a positive effect, so I think I will try that too...eventually before his 3rd birthday anyway.
I'm still hoping he will be able to blow out his own candles this year....I'm getting some pinwheels to see if that will help him get it, since blowing bubbles was a bust....he just wanted to pour the solution from one bottle to another.....then eat the bubbles I blow for's cute tho... :)

Wow- I guess I did have a lot to say, didn't I?
Keep smiling, cuz I sure am.
Loves to all!


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